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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:23 PM
Chapter 815

815 Rescue

The two Qilin Beasts would stop at nothing to save their cub’s soul .

However, Feng Tutu had devoured that soul and they would never be able to retrieve it .

Wait —

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!


She panicked all of a sudden!

For if the two beasts detected an abnormality in her blood, she would be caught red-handed!

As more blood left her body, more spiritual essence dissipated into the air as well .

Feng Tutu and Little Phoenix tried to leave the ring space, but Feng Wu stopped them by force!

They would have no chance of escaping if they came out now!

However, the pressure the two Qilin Beasts put on her was so overbearing that Feng Wu couldn’t take it anymore . She spat out a mouthful of blood!

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She wouldn’t be so shocked if spitting out blood was the only thing that happened . Feng Wu realized in frustration that she was losing control of her soul .

It was threatening to break free of her body!

Feng Wu began to get a splitting headache and sweat trickled down her forehead .

Her face was ghastly pale .

All of a sudden!

Both Qilin Beasts looked suspicious!

Especially the father beast!

It stared at Feng Wu with bloodthirsty eyes until they popped out .

Because —

“Why do you have my kid’s scent on you?!”

The father beast stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

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Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat!


The mother beast then realized what that meant . It dragged Feng Wu to its side with an incredibly tight grip .

It stared at Feng Wu with a deadly gaze . “That’s right! You smell of my child!”

Feng Wu wanted to scream!

Her worst fear had just come true!

The last thing she wanted was to get found out about that…

“Speak!” The two Qilin Beasts each took Feng Wu’s arms and stared at her .

Feng Wu thought her arms were going to be ripped off!

“Speak!!!” Flames shot out of the mouth of one of the Qilin Beasts!

They hit Feng Wu and set her on fire!

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The fire seemed to have a mind of its own and it reached into Feng Wu’s ring space right away!


Feng Wu blanched . Her beautiful master was there!

She could lose everything, but not her beautiful master!

She wanted to speak, but was so overwhelmed by the beast’s power that she couldn’t utter a word . Even her soul shook in pain .

Right at that moment!


Little Phoenix and Feng Tutu fell out of her ring and rolled around on the ground!

Both Qilin Beasts had acute senses, and they reached for Feng Tutu immediately .

For they sensed their cub on it!

The father moved a little faster and it grabbed the tiger cub by the throat!


Despite its advancement, the tiger cub was still a baby . It was defenseless in the Qilin Beast’s paw .

“My son!” Sensing its kid on Feng Tutu, the mother beast was furious!

It took Feng Tutu by the neck, turned it upside down so that its head was facing the ground, and tried to make Feng Tutu empty its stomach . “Give me back my son! Give me back my son!”


With its thin neck in the mother beast’s paw, Feng Tutu was drained of all color, and its pupils turned purple and began to dilate .

Feng Wu could sense Feng Tutu’s life slowly leaving its body .

“Run… now…”

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