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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:26 PM
Chapter 814

814 On Edge!

Feng Tutu gingerly said something in the ring .

“Actually… actually…”

Its voice was so tiny that Feng Wu missed it at first .

“Actually… I swallowed its soul…”


Astonished, Feng Wu asked Feng Tutu immediately, “What? What do you mean you ‘swallowed its soul’?”

“I just… just… saw this soul when I was sucking its spiritual essence, and I… I just swallowed it…”

Feng Tutu was so flustered that it was almost in tears . “What should I do? What should I do? I’ve digested it already… I can’t spit it out even if I wanted to —”

Feng Wu rejoiced!

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Luckily, the tiger cub had swallowed the soul of the Qilin cub . Otherwise, she would have no chance to escape if its parents really succeeded in summoning its soul .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu asked the mother Qilin Beast, “What if you can’t summon the soul?”

“You’ll die with it, then . ” The mother’s voice was cold and emotionless .

“But… I didn’t kill it! Be reasonable!”

“Be reasonable? A weakling like you doesn’t have the right to ask for that! Don’t make me laugh! You’re no more than an ant and I can crush you with my heel at any time!”

The mother beast darted a contemptuous glance at Feng Wu, its eyes flickering .

Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

She had felt a little guilty for what she did to the cub, but after what its mother said, she no longer felt sorry for the cub .

Although, she had learnt something .

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This was a world ruled by the law of the jungle . The weak had no voice, and only the strongest had the right to speak .

Meanwhile, blue smoke kept rising from the father Qilin Beast’s head .

Cold sweat covered its forehead .

The mother Qilin Beast frowned at this .

WIthout thinking, it went over to its husband to help in summoning the soul .

However, time went by and nothing happened .

That was impossible .

The couple exchanged confused looks .

All of a sudden, they turned to look at Feng Wu in unison .

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Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

What did they want?

All of a sudden, the father Qilin Beast gave a wave of its front paw!

Feng Wu was lifted out of the fence, and she flew toward the father beast at a tremendous speed!


She fell on the ground with a thump, and the impact made her see stars .

“What do you want?”

Feng Wu stared at the two ferocious beasts .

The beasts kept their faces straight . The next moment, the mother beast slashed Feng Wu’s wrist open with its claws!

Blood oozed out immediately!

Feng Wu could almost hear a gurgling sound .

“Sit still . ” The mother beast pulled Feng Wu over so that she was sitting between the two beasts . “The blood sacrifice will start now . Make any unnecessary movements and you will, in human terms, die a miserable death, your soul shattered into a thousand pieces!”

Seeing her bleeding left wrist, Feng Wu was full of despair…

She had lost a lot of blood fighting that Ice Fire Beast earlier, and now a blood sacrifice? Her body wouldn’t be able to take it!

She tried to struggle, but —

Ssss —

She felt as if electricity was running through her body . Her pupils contracted and sweat covered her forehead!

It was as if she was being stabbed by a thousand needles!

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