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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:28 PM
Chapter 813

813 Predicamen

What should she do now?

That Qilin Beast had to have brought her here for a reason .

“Do you have a death wish?!”

Feng Wu was still trying to get out of the fence when a cold voice rang out in the cave .

Who was that?

Feng Wu looked up to see a second Qilin Beast!

That was it!

She had seen three blue dots on the map when she had chosen the Qilin Beast cub .

Two big dots and a small one .

The small one represented the cub, which made the two big ones its parents .

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Now that the father was cultivating, this Qilin Beast which had just shown up had to be the mother Qilin Beast .

The mother stared at Feng Wu with bloodshot eyes .

Feng Wu was a little uneasy…

Although it was only natural selection and survival of the fittest, she had indeed used that cub for her own benefit…

On second thought, Feng Wu realized that if she hadn’t used that cub, the cub would have attacked her all the same, for it wanted her blood!

So, she shouldn’t be blamed . She only did what she needed to do in order to survive!

Did you bring me here to drain my blood? Feng Wu was going to ask that question, but on second thought, she decided not to, for she didn’t want to alert the couple to something that might not be part of their plan .

While Feng Wu was fidgeting with all kinds of speculations…

The mother Qilin Beast smirked . “I couldn’t care less about your petty life, but your body has to stay unscratched! So sit your ass down!”

Feng Wu was confused .

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What did it mean by that? Why couldn’t her body…

“Is that what you’re after? My body?” Feng Wu saw the light all of a sudden .

The mother Qilin Beast cast Feng Wu an indifferent glance .

“But why? What do you need it for?” Feng Wu shrugged .

Just then, Feng Wu sensed a sinister wind, and the temperature in the cave dropped even further .

“What’s it doing?” Feng Wu gestured at the father Qilin Beast, intrigued .

“Summoning the soul . ”

“What soul?” Feng Wu frowned . That ominous feeling was more oppressive now .

The mother Qilin Beast grew impatient with Feng Wu’s questions, and it cut to the chase . “There’s going to be a blood sacrifice, and our baby is going to be reborn in your body . ”

Feng Wu: !!!

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What the heck?!

“You can do that?!” Feng Wu stared at the mother . “So, you’re summoning the soul of your cub now?!”

The mother Qilin Beast nodded .

Feng Wu: !!!


If the cub’s soul really was summoned back and it told them what really happened, there was no chance of her surviving this!

So please, don’t let the cub’s soul be summoned…

Feng Wu grew anxious .

The mother Qilin Beast stared at Feng Wu, finding her behavior odd . “If you had nothing to do with my child’s death, why are you so nervous?”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

She had everything to do with it! That cub had fallen into her trap!

But she would never tell its parents that . Feng Wu reacted quickly . “Am I going to die when its soul is summoned?”

“Yes . ”

Feng Wu said, “But what if I don’t want to die?”

The mother Qilin Beast didn’t even look at Feng Wu .

To it, a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster was so petty that it might as well be talking to an ant .

Just then —

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