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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:17:07 PM
Chapter 803

803 Abandon Hope…

Four cried out, “I see! Feng Wu is trying to distract us with bribery . That way, we’ll be busy cultivating and won’t have time to go after her!”

He then stared at Feng Wu . “You brat! Am I right?”

Feng Wu only smiled at him without saying a word .

That only made Four more certain of himself . He turned to his teammates . “I was right . That’s her plan . ”

Three stared at Feng Wu . He didn’t think it could be that simple .

Feng Wu looked too sure of herself .

And she shouldn’t be .

She should look flustered and perplexed, and should be shaking all over… However, her eyes were twinkling, as if victory lay within her grasp and she was planning how to celebrate .

“What on earth are you trying to do?” The more Three thought about it, the more disturbed he became .

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Instead of answering him, Feng Wu looked around at the team and said, “You don’t get a chance to level up every day . Are you sure you’re going to waste this opportunity? You can kill me any time you want, but I can’t say the same about making a breakthrough . ”

Four and the others exchanged hesitant looks .

Three bellowed, “What are you all waiting for?! Have you forgotten how cunning this girl is? Kill her!”

The team leader wasn’t here and Two was dead, which made Three the one who called the shots .

Instantly, everyone charged at Feng Wu in unison .

Feng Wu spun, then jumped out of the circle .

“You’re not going anywhere!” Three bellowed . He knew it! The girl was bluffing!

The hell with not chasing her and the consequences! She had made everything up .

“I mean it! You’ll regret chasing me in a moment!” Feng Wu shouted as she ran .

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“Heh —”

Three and the others couldn’t be bothered to talk back anymore .

The only thing they could think of now was catching up to Feng Wu, then kill her!

Feng Wu thought to herself as she ran: Where is that Qilin Beast?

With its keen nose, it should have picked up the scent of the cub’s blood and caught up with them by now!


Three ran the fastest and he struck out at Feng Wu from behind with a fist!


He was much more capable than Feng Wu . As a matter of fact, any individual of Blade was a more advanced cultivator than she was .

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The impact sent Feng Wu flying forward .


Her body arced in the air and she flew over a low hill before falling into a pile of snow on the other side .

Pfft —

Feng Wu spat out a mouthful of blood .

That Three was such a formidable hitman .

Feng Wu rubbed her back . If she hadn’t dodged in time to protect her main organs or had failed to make good use of the momentum to quickly move forward, she would probably be dead by now .

Dear Qilin Beast, show up now, or I’ll really be killed!

Three and the others caught up to Feng Wu before she was out of the pit .

“You brat! This is your last day on earth!” Three’s sword glinted in the sun!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

She had done all she could to stall, but apparently, she needed to stall for a bit longer .

“Did the Zuo family send you?” Feng Wu stared at them with piercing eyes .

But Three didn’t want to give her an answer .

“If you’re going to kill me, at least tell me what I’m going to be killed for! The Zuo family sent you, didn’t they?” Feng Wu glared at them .

Three smirked . “You really want to know?”

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