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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Lost the Best Chance to Run

The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk's figure was huge, its pair of wings were just like they're hanging in the clouds, rapidly flying through the air!

The temperature of the air was cold to begin with. Add to that the edges of the wind that were like ice blades flapping against Feng Wu's body……it hurt so much tears almost gushed out violently.

However, as a top special service agent in her previous incarnation, the more difficult the circumstances were, the more calm Feng Wu's inner heart was.

That highly intelligent brain of hers rapidly worked as her clever eyes observed all around!

Like a frontline soldier looking for one chance to live among nine deaths, this was precisely the instinct of these special agents like her!

Very quickly, a spark appeared within Feng Wu's pair of moist and bright eyes!

She saw the precipice on the mountain peak before them, she saw that branch extending from a

tree trunk!

Her brain quickly accurately calculated the wind's current speed, the Flaming Cloud Hawk's current flight speed, also the distance from the precipice and their altitude, the branch's load capacity……finally, Feng Wu rejoiced in her heart!

All of the data were within acceptable limits!

There's hope!

Five hundred meters……

One hundred meters……

Fifty meters……quickly, quickly!

Happiness concentrated in the depths of Feng Wu's eyes, the feeling of excitement made her entire body eager to make the attempt!

Getting closer, closer, closer……

There's still the last thirty meters left, twenty meters……

Just as Feng Wu was almost going to let go of her grip and jump towards the precipice, after she made preparations to tumble towards the mountain peak, when she planned to extend and grab the thick and solid branch ————-


At the second right before Feng Wu let go of her hands!


A frantic icy sword intent approached from behind!

Because of this sword intent's freezing ability, Feng Wu's entire body stiffened while still in the Flaming Cloud Hawk's grasp!

Feng Wu: "! ! !"

At this

this moment, her altitude from the ground was less than fifty meters, based on her body's condition and skill, she had confidence of being able to descend safely to the ground……

However! She couldn't let go of her hands! Her entire body was fixed by the freezing sword intent, her pair of hands even more so felt as if someone used a powerful adhesive to glue her to the Flaming Cloud Hawk's talon!

Feng Wu's heart truly was breaking apart!

At this critical juncture of what's known as 'opportunity only knocks once'!

This kind of altitude won't come around again. This was probably her only chance to flee for her life!

Thinking of this, Feng Wu exerted all of the strength on her body, and attempted to use both hands to separate herself from the hawk's fang……

It's a hopeless struggle. Feng Wu then straightforwardly did a pull-up, brought her chin up, and used her head to smash against those thick layers of iced frost.

Bang bang bang!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk watched Feng Wu engrossed in knocking her head incessantly as

incessantly as puzzlement covered it face. "What're you doing?"

Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she shot a glance at it. "I'm just having trouble figuring something out, ok?"

It's impossible for her to tell the Flaming Cloud Hawk her plan to escape. Once she spoke of this, she'd be done for!

"Woah, you don't need to go through so much trouble." The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk said calmly.

The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk's stare made Feng Wu's hairs stand on end. "What are you doing? !"

"I'm hungry." A drop of saliva suspended at the corners of the Flaming Cloud Hawk's mouth dripped down.

Feng Wu: "…….Therefore, you captured me here, actually to be a part of your food stores?"

The Flaming Cloud Hawk's eyes shined in a flash. "That a flash. "That makes sense!"

Just at this moment, Feng Wu became aware that the thick layers of ice were getting thinner and looser!

A cheerful expression appeared on her face!

She could finally run for her life!

She shouted complacently. "This food store is leaving!"

As both of her hands relaxed, her body turned to fall downward.

However, right at this most, most, most crucial moment!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk moved!

"No ————" Feng Wu's heart nearly crumbled.

With difficulty, her hands finally just about freed themselves from the layers of ice. However, the Flaming Cloud Hawk's huge body changed direction ————-

And she lost her best chance at escaping just like that! ! !

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