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Chapter 791

791 Sheβ€œs Right Here!

Feng Wu woke up in the hole as soon as she picked up on the conversation .

Someone was hunting her down?!

And they had followed her here?!

What was going on?!

β€œWait . ” Ten let out a soft cry .


β€œI think… I caught Feng Wu’s scent again . ”

β€œYou think?”

β€œTen, are you sure?”


The team leader trusted Ten’s expertise in reconnaissance and he gave the order right away . β€œEveryone, start looking . Search everywhere within a 5km radius!”


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Feng Wu slowed down her breathing and adjusted her body functions to the lowest level possible . She was practically in a vegetative state .

Despite her inactive body, her brain was spinning .

Someone wanted her dead?

And judging from the footsteps, there were ten of them .

They were all advanced cultivators .

Level 5 Spiritual Grandmasters, at least .

Who sent them?

How did they get into Proud Snowfield?

Feng Wu was as inert as a stone and her heartbeat was barely detectable . It would be very difficult for those people to find her .

The team gathered up after a short while .

β€œCaptain, I didn’t find the target . ”

β€œCaptain, I didn’t find the target . ”

β€œCaptain, I didn’t find the target . ”

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Eight members came back with the same report .

But that didn’t settle Feng Wu’s mind . For some unknown reason, she knew that the scout who had detected her scent would report otherwise .

She was right . β€œShe’s here . ”

All eyes were on Ten .

Seven said, β€œNo, she’s not . ”

Ten: β€œYes, she is . ”

Seven asked, β€œWhere, then?”

Ten smirked . β€œYou’re practically looking at her . ”

The others stared at Ten .

Ten grinned and pointed at the snowfield they were standing on . β€œShe’s right here under the snow . I can sense her!”

Feng Wu: !!!

She was on guard!

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The guy had discovered where she was hiding!

What kind of skill was that?!

Luckily, Feng Wu had activated the ice attribute, and with both the fire and ice energy, she was able to melt the snow and build a long tunnel underground .

Then, she could move around easily in the snow .

Feng Wu crawled on all fours, moving as slowly and carefully as a cautious gecko .

Because of that Ten with his acute nose, Feng Wu had to be extra careful . If they caught her…

Feng Wu had a hunch that these people would be worse news than that Qilin Beast!

The area they stood on was over 1000 square meters in size, and it took them a while to search every inch .

Roughly fifteen minutes later β€”

They reported back to their captain, who was waiting by a snowdrift in the center of the area .

β€œCaptain, the target isn’t here . ”

β€œCaptain, the target isn’t here . ”

β€œCaptain, the target isn’t here . ”

All eight members came back with the same result again .

β€œHave you checked everywhere?” The team leader frowned .

β€œYes, every inch and as deep as 10m underground . She isn’t here . ”

β€œThe same with me . ”

β€œThe same with me . ”

All eyes were on Ten again .

The team leader also looked at Ten . β€œWhat do you say now?”

β€œI can still detect her scent! She’s here!” Seeing that the others wouldn’t believe him, Ten was a little on edge .

β€œExcept she’s not . ” Seven snorted . β€œApart from pits, tunnels, and water, the only thing underground is snow . ”

β€œYes, that’s what I found, too . ”

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