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Chapter 790

790 Winter Is Coming

“I can detect her scent here and it’s still quite fresh . That is to say, she hasn’t been gone for too long . ” Ten returned his captain’s gaze, his voice full of confidence .

“She was able to live through a fight between two magical beasts . She doesn’t look like a cripple to me . ” The team leader grinned ominously .

Two said in a casual tone, “A cripple wouldn’t have been able to stay alive in Zone 2 for three days . ”

That alarmed all the other members .

The team leader grinned . “The employer made a side note on the contract, and suspects that she has regained her cultivation ability . Guys, once this job is done, we’re set for a whole year . Are you in or not?”

“We’re in!”

“Good . We’re moving out!”

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They had been flying low for three days, searching every inch from Zone 5 to Zone 2 . Finally, they were closing in on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu had no idea that a team of hitmen was coming after her, let alone that this team was able to evade detection by the system and enter Proud Snowfield without raising the alarm .

Feng Wu checked the map in her head .

She frowned a little .

If she was guessing right, a team of over 50 members was headed for Zone 2 in the direction of where the two beasts had fought .

Feng Wu was glad that she had torched the remains of the Qilin Beast and the Ice Fire Beast . Otherwise, the others might look into it, and there would be a lot of trouble .

She had two options now .

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One was to meet up with Chaoge in Zone 3 . They would then go to the central area together to find the Frosty Night Beast .

The other option was to enter the central area alone, where she would find the beast, get the Heart of Frost Essence, then go and get Chaoge .

Feng Wu shook her head when she recalled Chaoge’s capability as a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster .

The Frosty Night Beast was too dangerous . Feng Wu would have to look after Chaoge, and might be distracted if Chaoge went with her, which would put Chaoge in even more danger .

Thus, Feng Wu decided to go by herself .

Once that was decided, Feng Wu ducked her head against the wind and snow and hastened on .

She ran into a sudden snowstorm on the way .

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The weather wasn’t suitable for traveling anymore .

Seeing that it was getting late, Feng Wu found a leeward slope, dug a hole in the snow, then crawled into it .

It was a dark, windy night . Together with the raging snowstorm and the fact that she was on the edge of Zone 1, where formidable magical beasts dwelled, her life would be in danger if she pressed on .

Feng Wu closed her eyes and began to cultivate once she sat down in the hole .

After absorbing the spiritual essence of the Ice Fire Beast and the Qilin Beast, Feng Wu needed time to process it so that it could be transformed into spiritual essence that she could use . Otherwise, it would only pile up in her energy channels and become a burden on her health .

It was the same as drinking a potent tonic and not digesting it .

Little Phoenix and the cub were much luckier . Once they settled down in their dormant states, their bodies automatically started to work, digesting the spiritual essence they had absorbed .

That was the main difference between the cultivation methods of magical beasts and human beings .

After circulating the spiritual essence around her body three times, Feng Wu was able to digest most of it . Just then, she heard faint voices outside .

“Captain, the trail stops here . ”


“I followed Feng Wu’s scent all the way until we reached this spot . It has disappeared . ”

“With the wind and snow, any traces of her would have been blown away immediately . Are you sure Feng Wu was here?”

“Yes! Upon my life!”

The conversation continued…

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