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Chapter 789

789 Men in Black!

It stared at Feng Wu with unblinking eyes!

“Pfft —”

Finally, the Qilin Beast spat out a mouthful of blood before collapsing on the ground…

It died with its eyes open!

A pot appeared in Feng Wu’s hand, together with a tube .

She stuck one end of the tube into the Qilin Beast’s neck and left the other end in the pot .

The Qilin Beast’s blood then flowed into the pot through the tube .

“It would be such a waste if we let such precious material rot here . ” Once the tube was set, Feng Wu found a flat area to put the pot down, then beckoned Little Phoenix and the cub over to absorb the spiritual essence of the Qilin Beast .

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Feng Wu had quite a few spiritual stones left, but in order to absorb the spiritual essence from them, they had to go through an extraction process first .

The Qilin Beast’s spiritual essence, on the other hand, existed separately to begin with, and was much faster to absorb . It was efficient and much less wasteful .

If Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu hadn’t stopped Xuanyuan Kun earlier and had let the guy switch the camera focus back to Feng Wu, this would be what they would have seen .

All would be exposed if that happened .

They drained the Qilin Beast of all its spiritual essence in fifteen minutes .

Little Phoenix and the cub both fell asleep .

Feng Wu knew that both would be able to make another breakthrough after they woke up, and they would be incredible .

Feng Wu smiled at that thought .

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With a wave of her hand, she put the two pets away in her ring .

And the pot full of Qilin blood was also stored there .

Feng Wu had built a small storage room about 5 square meters in size inside the ring space, where she put all her bits and bobs .

As for the rest of the ring space, well, it was her beautiful master’s personal space and she wouldn’t mess it up with all the sundry goods .

Once that was done, Feng Wu torched the dead bodies of the two beasts . She left only after they were burnt to cinders .

Shortly after she left —

All of a sudden .

Apparition-like figures appeared on the spot where Feng Wu had been standing .

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They were all dressed in black .

Black head scarves, black masks, black robes, black trousers, and black shoes . These people seemed to suck in all the light around them .

They weren’t students of Imperial College, which was why the system didn’t detect them .

“A battle took place here . ”

The head of this team of ten was a slender hitman . Staring at the embers, he frowned a little .

“The battle was between two magical beasts, but I see signs of Feng Wu . ” A short man went down on all fours and snuffled loudly in the snow .

He followed the scent and headed all the way toward a pile of snow .

Before long, he began to dig into the ground until he reached a hole . “Feng Wu was hiding here earlier!”

This team of men in black uniforms were professionals . Both their tones and their movements sent chills down one’s spine .

It was as if they weren’t talking about a real person, but a corpse .

Feng Wu, who was walking in a valley, sneezed all of a sudden .

Achoo —

She rubbed her nose . Was someone talking about her behind her back?

Back to the other side —

The lanky team leader looked down at the short member . “Ten, are you sure?”

“Yes, Captain!” The eyes of the teenager addressed as “Ten” glinted .

“How can you be so sure? Do I need to remind you that by successfully completing this task, our team, Blade, will be set for the rest of the year?” The team leader stared at Ten with a savage look in his eyes .

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