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Chapter 785
785 Out of Danger The spiritual essence would then merge with the fire attribute energy . Feng Wu would then draw on the top-grade spiritual stones to recover before starting the process again…

The cycle went on and on .

Although she didn’t make any progress in her cultivation level, Feng Wu was getting stronger with this cultivation cycle .

Time crawled by —

Feng Wu stopped her cultivation when she sensed that she had attained perfection at her current level . Slowly, she opened her eyes .

The debilitating feeling was gone . She was back to normal .

She had finally consolidated her foundation, which had been a little shaky lately with how fast she was making progress .

Feng Wu rubbed Feng Tutu in her pocket .

Thanks to this little guy, who had lured that Qilin Beast here at the critical moment, she was still alive .

Brushing the snow away, Feng Wu saw daylight again .

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After spending days in the dark, the white snow stung her eyes a little . Feng Wu raised a hand to shield her eyes from the light .

She only put her hand down after she got used to the light outside again .

It was a mess in the snowfield .

The Ice Fire Beast was lying in a pool of blood .

Its chest had been slashed open and its entrails were everywhere, making for a gory scene .

But it wasn’t dead yet . It was staring at Feng Wu!

It could no longer pose a threat . Instead, the light in its eyes was fading .

Feng Wu then checked the other side .

The Qilin Beast didn’t look any better .

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It was lying less than ten meters away from the Ice Fire Beast .

There was a gash on its neck which had almost decapitated it; its head was barely attached to its body .

It made a raspy noise when it spotted Feng Wu, but couldn’t utter a proper sound .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu watched with open mouths .

“Even this is possible?”

The two old men exchanged looks of amazement .

She had lured the Qilin Beast over and hidden in the snow, and was now coming up to clear the mess afterward?

By clearing up the mess —

Feng Wu crouched down, took out a dagger, and whoosh!

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She cut a horn off the Ice Fire Beast’s head .

“Arghh —”

The Ice Fire Beast screamed and glared at Feng Wu . These cruel, despicable human beings!

Feng Wu smiled a little . “Are you accusing me of being cruel and despicable? Well, it’s the law of the jungle . ”

After that, she raised the blade and cut off the remaining horn .

There were two horns on the Ice Fire Beast’s head, known as the Fire Dragon Horn and the Ice Dragon Horn respectively . They contained all the beast’s achievements in cultivation .

Feng Wu specialized in both the ice and fire attributes, and the two horns would benefit her greatly .

You’ll die without ice attribute energy! Mwahahahaha — the Ice Fire Beast glowered at Feng Wu . Blue veins popped on its forehead and its face was twisted with rage .

Feng Wu raised a hand and a ball of fire appeared on her palm .

The Ice Fire Beast watched in bewilderment .

However, to its amazement, it saw the ball of fire then become encased in an ice cube .

The cube wrapped around the fire like a protective lampshade .

No, no — the Ice Fire Beast stared at Feng Wu so hard that its eyes popped .

That was impossible!

The beast couldn’t believe it!

The girl hadn’t had the ice attribute energy in her when it had sucked her blood .

“I guess I have you to thank . ” Feng Wu darted an indifferent glance at the beast . “Without you, I probably would have never been able to activate the ice attribute . ”

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