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Chapter 776

776 The Pursuit!

Xiao Wu had spiritual essence… and she was an outstanding cultivator!

She was a cripple? Said who?!

Grand Secretary Fang took a deep breath . “Who do you think should go in? You or me?”

Priest Wu rubbed his chin . “Do you think that’s really necessary?”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “There’s something too unusual about Proud Snowfield as the setting for the physical tryout this time . Something big is going to happen . I need to let His Majesty know . ”

Grand Secretary Fang looked at Priest Wu . “Someone needs to go to the imperial palace . You or me?”

Priest Wu said, “I need to keep an eye on little Feng Wu . ”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . He then talked to Feng Wu directly . “Xiao Wu, something’s wrong with Proud Snowfield . Hit the panic button when you need to! Your life is the priority here!”

The message made Feng Wu’s stomach lurch .

So, Grand Secretary Fang had been watching her this whole time .

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He must have seen the perilous state she was in and had to be so worried about her .

She would never hit that button, but to reassure the old man, Feng Wu nodded . “Alright . ”

Meanwhile, she was still running at full speed!

However, she was feeling weaker and weaker .

The Ice Fire Beast had stopped chasing Feng Wu . Instead, it sat down and began to absorb spiritual essence from the air, so as to move up to the next level!

Magical beasts were naturally more powerful than human beings in their martial prowess .

Not to mention that the Ice Fire Beast was a level higher than Feng Wu .

After this, it would be two levels higher .

Before, Feng Wu was confident that she could lose the beast in a chase, but after drinking her blood, the Ice Fire Beast was now so familiar with her smell that she would never be able to get away from it .

The hair on Feng Wu’s back stood up at that thought .

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But was she going to withdraw from the tryout?

That had never been an option for her .

And she was in —

Feng Wu checked the map in her head .

She was running toward a more remote area away from the red dots, which represented the other candidates . At the moment, her own red dot was all alone in the snowfield .

All the other candidates felt like a world away…


Feng Wu suddenly realized that there was something else on the map .

A few blue dots .

One, two, three… There weren’t many, no more than ten .

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And they came in different sizes… What were they?

Making her own dot as the reference point, Feng Wu studied the blue dots .

5km northwest of her, there was a medium-sized blue dot, which was…

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu drew in her breath!

She knew what those blue dots were!

They had to be magical beasts!

For that blue dot had to be the Ice Fire Beast!

Feng Wu’s pupils contracted .

So, the blue dots were magical beasts more powerful than her .

Did these blue dots exist on all the maps, or was she the only one that could see them?

Feng Wu pondered the question, but this wasn’t the time to be curious . Her top priority now was to get rid of that Ice Fire Beast .

All of a sudden!

An idea struck Feng Wu!

Those blue dots… they weren’t there for nothing!

She knew what to do!

Rubbing her forehead to help herself concentrate, Feng Wu dashed toward one of the blue dots as fast as she could .

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