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Chapter 775

775 Big Problem!

“Is that Xiao Wu? As in our Xiao Wu?” Priest Wu woke up all the way when he realized what was happening .

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t reply, for he was too focused on the screen to pay attention to anything else .

On the screen, Feng Wu was covered in blood .

Her hair, her face, her body… The blood was everywhere…

Gurgle —

The Ice Fire Beast seemed to have found the best drink in the world and gulped the blood down in great excitement .

Feng Wu drew in a breath .

She needed to think of a way to save herself!

Feng Wu flipped her hand and there was a bottle of medicine in her hand . She then drank it .

“What did Xiao Wu drink?” Priest Wu was confused .

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Grand Secretary Fang had no idea!

Was it some sort of potion that could instantly increase Feng Wu’s strength?

Priest Wu made the same guess . “Can it be a potion that can immediately increase her strength? She’s a good medicine refiner . Maybe —”

Just then —


The Ice Fire Beast, who had been sucking on Feng Wu’s neck, wrinkled its nose in distaste . Before it knew it, the beast tossed Feng Wu away .

What taste was that?

It stank, it was bitter, and it tasted disgusting!

As soon as the Ice Fire Beast threw Feng Wu away —

Feng Wu twisted swiftly in the air and landed on her feet . She then dashed off without hesitation!

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Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu watched with open mouths .

What on earth did Feng Wu drink? The Ice Fire Beast had actually gagged at the taste?

Taking advantage of the hard-earned opportunity, Feng Wu bolted!

That wretched human!

The Ice Fire Beast was furious!

That blood was so delicious and the girl had run off before it could enjoy itself!

That foul taste had to be temporary! It would draw out all her blood once it caught her again . That way, it could filter the taste out of the blood and enjoy it again!

At that thought, the Ice Fire Beast chased after Feng Wu once more!

Feng Wu was covered in blood .

She left a trail of blood behind her .

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And that was just the beginning .

The low temperature sealed the wounds on Feng Wu’s body before long . Although it stopped the bleeding, it also introduced cold air into her system .

Feng Wu grew hotter and weaker as she ran .

The Ice Fire Beast followed her in hot pursuit!

It had only grown stronger after consuming Feng Wu’s blood .

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound!

What was that?

Looking over her shoulder, Feng Wu saw spiritual essence fluctuate violently around the Ice Fire Beast .


Feng Wu didn’t know how to describe her despair at that moment!

The Ice Fire Beast was much stronger than her to begin with, and it was going to level up even further!

After sucking her blood, her enemy was going to make a breakthrough!

Feng Wu felt like crying!

In front of the screen, Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu were equally shocked .

Priest Wu said in astonishment, “I thought the girl was a cripple, but she… she was able to get away from a Level 6 Spiritual Grandmaster magical beast! That…”

Those people out there didn’t know Feng Wu at all!

Grand Secretary Fang’s eyes flickered .

“This isn’t a fair exam anymore . ” Grand Secretary Fang shook his head . A Level 6 magical beast should never have been part of the exam!

“It’s going to be a Level 7 magical beast after the breakthrough,” Priest Wu reminded him .

However, something else had shocked Priest Wu even more .

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