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Published at 20th of July 2020 04:30:30 AM
Chapter 774

774 Is She Going to Die?

What about her broken star piece?

A stubborn look flickered in Feng Wu’s eyes .

No! She wouldn’t give up! Never!

“Roar —”

The Ice Fire Beast was closing in on her!





The Ice Fire Beast locked its gaze on Feng Wu!

Feng Wu had been setting up the traps which she had used on the Spiny Frost Beasts before, but the Ice Fire Beast was far more intelligent and wouldn’t be tricked .


The giant beast leapt up, then pounced at Feng Wu from behind!

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It cast an enormous shadow on the ground .

Feng Wu tried to dodge .

However, a long chain suddenly grew out of the Ice Fire Beast!

That thick black chain had evolved from a black hair on its forehead!

The chain flew out and caught Feng Wu right away!

At that moment, Feng Wu finally knew what it felt like to be helpless and full of despair!

There was a terrifying hook on the chain!

It stabbed into Feng Wu’s lower back, and with a jolt, the Ice Fire Beast pulled the chain back!

Feng Wu was dragged back until she was in front of the beast!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The Ice Fire Beast brandished its front paw at Feng Wu, who was within reach now .

That hurt —

The beast punched Feng Wu three times in a row, which made Feng Wu see stars . She spat out a mouthful of blood .

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She almost fainted from the blows!

It hurt…

She felt like she was dying…

But if she gave up just like that, she really would be dead in no time!

Summoning her strength, Feng Wu gathered her spiritual essence, grabbed the dagger that was hidden in her sleeve, and stabbed the Ice Fire Beast’s forehead!

Once infused with spiritual essence, the sharp blade glinted coldy and looked invincible!

However —

Clank —

Ice Fire Beast smacked the dagger away with a sweep of its paw .

The blade didn’t even touch the beast .


Ice Fire Beast threw another punch, aiming at Feng Wu’s head .

It opened a gash on Feng Wu’s smooth forehead .

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Blood ran down her face .

That had to be painful as hell…

Feng Wu’s vision went dark and she could barely see .

She felt as if she was drowning in a dark ocean and her head was filling up with water .

Feng Wu knew that it came from the fear of death .

Wait —

The rabid beast then smelled Feng Wu’s blood .

It was sweet, scrumptious, and full of spiritual essence…

The Ice Fire Beast could finally think straight again .

Without hesitation, it followed its instinct and lowered its head…


It buried its sharp fangs into Feng Wu’s slender neck!

Ouch —

That hurt!

Gurgle —

Feng Wu could hear the beast sucking her blood!

It was her blood!

Feng Wu was tiny compared with the beast, and it could drain her in a few more gulps!

Back in Imperial College —

Grand Secretary Fang was leaning forward in his chair as he stared at the screen with the biggest frown .

He was watching Feng Wu and the Ice Fire Beast!

He had been watching since the chase and had been on edge the whole time . He was furious when he saw what the beast was doing to Feng Wu .

“Xiao Wu! Hit the button! Now!” Grand Secretary Fang jumped to his feet and stared at the screen!

What button? Priest Wu, who had dozed off, was woken up . Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he looked curiously at the screen .

What could alarm the vice-principal of Imperial College so much?

What Priest Wu saw made him open his eyes wide!

What the hell?

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