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Chapter 773

773 There“s Got to Be a Way Out!

Feng Wu wanted to run, but she saw the Ice Fire Beast head for Chaoge .


The beast was way too powerful . One smack and Chaoge would die!

Without hesitation, Feng Wu struck the Ice Fire Beast hard in its back!

The Ice Fire Beast was ready to stomp Chaoge to death when Feng Wu kicked it in the butt . That was outrageous!


The Ice Fire Beast forgot about Chaoge and Zhu Yingjun right away . Instead, it pounced at Feng Wu .

Once it killed the strongest of the three, it would be able to take care of the other two! The Ice Fire Beast told itself this .

Seeing the beast come her way, Feng Wu turned to run .

Run, run, run!

She had to lure the Ice Fire Beast away, or Chaoge and Zhu Yingjun would be dead for sure .

Moreover, this magical beast belonged to Zone 2 . It shouldn’t be running wild to kill freely here in Zone 3 .

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The wind brushed over Feng Wu’s skin, flinging snow into her face; it was so cold that her bones hurt .

But she couldn’t stop . She had to run!

She had to run as fast as she could!

She had been careless!

If she had joined hands with Chaoge and the bird from the start, the beast wouldn’t have gotten the chance to make a breakthrough .

But now —

Her only option was to lure the beast away, then work from there .

Feng Wu led the Ice Fire Beast toward Zone 2 .

Keeping its gaze on Feng Wu, the Ice Fire Beast galloped forward at its top speed, driven by its rage .

The girl and the beast were both running as fast as they could in the snowfield .

It was intense and perilous!

Speed was a magical beast’s advantage, and the Ice Fire Beast was able to run a little faster than Feng Wu .

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It wasn’t obvious at first, but as time passed, the distance between them grew shorter and shorter .

Looking over her shoulder, Feng Wu saw that the 1000m between them had been shortened to 800m .

At this rate…

The beast would eventually catch up!

What should she do?

Various ideas popped into Feng Wu’s head .

She had to think of a way to get herself to safety before it caught up to her!

The Ice Fire Beast ran very fast .




Feng Wu gritted her teeth and kept running!

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Luck wasn’t on her side . Before she knew it, daylight faded .

Night was closing in .

And it grew colder .

The temperature in the snowfield plummeted .

-30, -40, -50 degrees…

It was freezing!

Every breath she exhaled turned into white mist .

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder again .

The distance between her and the beast had been shortened to 200m!


Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

As night set in, the wind howled and she was losing strength from the continuous running .

The Ice Fire Beast, on the other hand, was indigenous to Proud Snowfield . The cold didn’t affect it at all .

If Feng Wu’s estimation was right, the beast would catch up to her in ten minutes!

Ten minutes…

Ten minutes…

Looking into the distance, Feng Wu could see nothing but an endless snowfield . How despairing that view was .

There was an option out there that could save her .

She could hit the panic button .

The moment she pressed it, she would be teleported out of this terrain .

However —

Feng Wu smiled bitterly .

She had made a bet with Mu Yaoyao . If she didn’t get into Imperial College, she would have to give her head to that girl .

What was more, she needed to get in because of Jun Linyuan .

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