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Chapter 760
760 Recommendation Letter However, they didn’t know that Feng Wu had been thrown into Zone 2, and had run into a family of Spiny Frost Beasts, who were Level 5 Spiritual Grandmasters…

Their eyes would pop out if they knew what happened .

Feng Wu pulled out the map to check her own location .

She really was in Zone 2… Feng Wu smiled bitterly . That explained that ferocious family of three .

Seeing that most candidates were in Zone 3 and Zone 4, Feng Wu was reminded of Chaoge .

That kid was so outspoken and simple-minded . She hoped that Chaoge wouldn’t walk into someone else’s trap .

If Chaoge ran into Mu Yaoyao and her people…

Shaking her head, Feng Wu decided to take a walk in Zone 3 .

Magical beasts there were Spiritual Grandmasters between Level 3 and Level 5, and she could handle them easily .

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Thanks to the red dots on the map, Feng Wu was able to find the other candidates without being spotted .

No Chaoge .

No Chaoge .

No Chaoge .

After walking around in Zone 3, Feng Wu found three groups that were comprised of candidates who had teamed up to fight the magical beasts .

A team of three to five candidates was an equal match for a Level 3 magical beast .

Every time Feng Wu found a candidate that wasn’t Chaoge, she would mark them on the map .

Chaoge was nowhere to be seen in the whole of Zone 3 .

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Was the kid lucky enough to be transported to Zone 4?

Magical beasts there were between Level 1 and Level 3 . As a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster, Chaoge would be able to handle one or two on her own .

Since Chaoge wasn’t in Zone 3, Feng Wu continued her search in Zone 4 .

Mark, mark, mark —

Feng Wu moved very fast in the snow-covered field . She wore a white dress with a cape that had white fox fur piping around the lower hem, which gave her a smart and elegant look .

With her white outfit and lightning speed, almost none of the candidates could detect her .

When she showed up again, she was in Zone 4 .

“What do you people want?!” someone shouted angrily in the distance .

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Duan Chaoge glared at Wen Ling . “I killed that Cloud Leopard! You people showed up at the last minute and took all the spiritual essence away! You sleazy bastards!”

“Hahahaha —” Wen Ling smirked . “Duan Chaoge, we were the first to beat this Cloud Leopard half-dead before you showed up to take the credit . We’re the victims here . How dare you accuse us?!”

Chaoge was all by herself .

But Wen Ling had help .

Lucky for her, she had been able to meet up with Liu Hao and Mu Qing .

Three against one . Chaoge was outnumbered .

Despite that, Chaoge was never going to surrender to the villains!

Chaoge scowled . “I’m the victim here and you’re the ones trying to take the credit!”

Wen Ling gloated . “No, you are!”

Stomping her foot in vexation, Chaoge charged at them . “It’s mine and I’m not going to let you take it! Give me back the leopard’s spiritual essence!”

“Oh my, you want a fight? Great!” Wen Ling smirked and said to her friends, “Duan Chaoge is with Feng Wu, and that woman is an eyesore to Boss Yafei . Take this woman down and it’ll be as good as a recommendation letter when we bring her to Princess Mu!”


Behind Wen Ling, Liu Hao’s and Mu Qing’s eyes lit up!

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