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Chapter 753
Chapter 753: Impossible

Grand Secretary Fang gloated . He was the only one who knew about Xiao Wu’s real capability .

“But —” Priest Wu frowned . “Isn’t Yu Mingye one of the candidates, too? Why isn’t he on the screen? He’s supposed to be as talented as His Royal Highness!”

He should be at least 90% as talented as the crown prince!

Grand Secretary Fang smiled and shook his head .

Yu Mingye had always been an unpredictable kid and no one knew what his plan was .

An “internal list” was provided for leaders of Imperial College to check the real-time performances of the candidates and their rankings .

And there was an “external list” as well .

It was hanging on the wall of Imperial College .

Everyone outside could see the real-time rankings of the candidates .

Xuanyuan Yi was first .

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Mu Yaoyao was second .

And Zhangsun Jing was third .

That was to say, not only Grand Secretary Fang, but everyone in the imperial capital who wanted to know the rankings could see it .

Right now, a large crowd had gathered outside Imperial College .

The square was packed with people, and everywhere one turned, they were met with other faces .

Apart from the families and friends of the candidates, there were also related forces and curious onlookers .

“Master Xuanyuan is going to make his name this time!”

“Not necessarily . You’ve forgotten about the written exam . Feng Wu got first in that one . ”

“Big deal . Feng Wu is a good-for-nothing with no spiritual essence . I don’t even have to guess . She’s going to be at the bottom in the physical tryout . ”

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“That’s right . The written exam only makes up 300 points and the physical tryout is worth 700 . That way… Feng Wu is sure to be eliminated . ”

“Do you remember how arrogant she was? She offended Princess Mu right in this square and bet her own life . ”

“Oh god, I bet she didn’t expect that Grand Secretary Fang would become the vice-principal and the acting principal . He’s Mu Yaoyao’s grandfather!”

“So, even if Feng Wu can get in, she’ll be…”

They could only see the rankings and not the actual combat, so they had to make small talk to kill time .

Many took pleasure in Feng Wu’s predicament .

Her success had come too suddenly and unexpectedly that these people didn’t think her capability was worth the renown . That was why she had drawn a lot of criticism .

In the imperial palace, Lady Northern Feng was keeping the empress dowager company .

Seeing that Lady Northern Feng’s mind kept wandering off, the empress dowager asked curiously, “What’s going on with you today?”

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Emperor Wu was in the room as well and he also eyed Lady Northern Feng in bewilderment .

Lady Northern Feng couldn’t wait for these two prominent figures to get to know Feng Wu better, so she gave them a wry smile . “Imperial College’s physical tryout starts today . ”

The empress dowager said, “Ah Xun isn’t a candidate . Why are you so fidgety?”

Lady Northern Feng said, “Ah Xun isn’t, but Xiao Wu is . I can’t stop worrying about her . ”

Xiao Wu? The empress dowager frowned involuntarily when she heard the name . “She’s a candidate this year?”

Lady Northern Feng nodded . “That’s right . She was first in the written exam and she got full marks! Your Majesty, Xiao Wu is an awesome girl!”

The empress dowager said grumpily, “Are you kidding me? Full marks? Only Baby Jun is able to do that . You’re not going to fool me . ”

“Your Majesty, I’m telling the truth . ”

“Not buying it . ”


“It’s impossible!”

The empress dowager had taken the exam herself when she was young and she knew how hard those questions were . Full marks? Who was Lady Northern Feng kidding?!

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