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Published at 18th of July 2020 04:25:07 AM
Chapter 752: 752

They had just been thrown in and the other candidates probably hadn’t started hunting magical beasts yet .

 What was more, they might not yet know what was going on .

 But she had obtained four stars right away . Wouldn’t that be a bit too…

Just then, Feng Wu heard a voice in her head .

 “Xiao Wu, do you need to conceal your stars?”

 It was Grand Secretary Fang!

 That was…

Right on time! Grand Secretary Fang was such a friend in need!

 “Yes!” Feng Wu said affirmatively .

 “Alright . ” And that ended the conversation .

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 But Feng Wu knew that no other words were needed . Grand Secretary Fang would take care of everything for her .

 That was a very reliable old man .

 Imperial College .

 There was a board in the college, where the teachers could see the real-time ranking of the candidates .

 The system would score and rank all 1000 students according to their performances .

 This was the restricted area and only the seven bosses were allowed inside .

 Right now, there were only two people here .

 One was Grand Secretary Fang, the acting principal .

 And the other one was Priest Wu .

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 As for the other bosses…

They had no interest in or the time to pay attention to this tryout .

 Even if they did care, they would only show up on the last day .

 Priest Wu rubbed his eyes . “Old Fang, am I seeing things? Why did I see Feng Wu’s name jump to the top just then?”

 Grand Secretary Fang said, “Yes, you were seeing things . ”

 “I was?”

 Priest Wu found it rather odd . He swore he had seen Feng Wu’s name at the very top, but the next second, it wasn’t there .

 How strange…

Grand Secretary Fang smiled a little .

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 He had only been granted this level of clearance after he became the acting principal, and he could manipulate the system a little .

 “Old Fang, your granddaughter is doing a good job . She’s second already . ”

 Priest Wu pointed at the screen .

 There were two screens on the wall .

 The one on the left showed what the candidates were doing in Proud Snowfield at that very moment, and Grand Secretary Fang had full control over the system . He would only have to think of the candidate’s name and the person would show up on the screen .

 And a rectangular screen on the right had the candidates’ names on it .

 It only showed the first 200, for those ranked below 200 were meaningless to Imperial College .

 Every year, only 100 candidates were admitted, and that had never changed .

 Grand Secretary Fang looked at the screen on the right at Priest Wu’s words .

 He was right . Mu Yaoyao’s name had indeed risen to second .

 The first was a teenager called Xuanyuan Yi .

 Grand Secretary Fang’s gaze brushed past Mu Yaoyao’s name and lingered on Xuanyuan Yi instead .

 “The Xuanyuan family always produces promising candidates . ” Grand Secretary Fang nodded .

 Priest Wu nodded . “After all, the Xuanyuan family is one of the nine major clans and they have more capable members than we can count . It’s only normal that one of their youngsters should stand out, or they’ll be a joke .

 “Zhangsun Jing isn’t bad either . She’s ranked third . ” Priest Wu smiled . “They only just entered and Xuanyuan Yi has already obtained three stars . Zhangsun Jing has two . We have some high-quality candidates this year . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang nodded and agreed with Priest Wu . Although… getting three stars and two stars was nothing . Xiao Wu had four already . It was only that Grand Secretary Fang had acted quickly and concealed her name right away!

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