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Published at 18th of July 2020 04:25:10 AM
Chapter 751

As soon as the mother beast charged forward at tremendous speed —

 Splurt —

 There was a strange sound .

 Looking over her shoulder, Feng Wu saw that sure enough, the thread had indeed left a deep cut in the beast’s throat .

 Feng Wu’s heart sank . The hides of Spiny Frost Beasts were thicker than she expected!

 Before the mother beast could recover from the shock, Feng Wu charged at it with her Flaming Sword in hand! She was unbelievably fast!


 She followed with another slash to the beast’s throat .

 Its skin was really hard to cut through, but thanks to that Ice Thread, there was already an existing open wound in its throat .

 Feng Wu only had to make it larger!

 The mother beast stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

 That was impossible…

How could this be?

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 Up until its death, it still couldn’t believe that it was going to be killed by this human girl!

 The family of three had been so confident of victory that they had underestimated the girl .

 But —

 She was actually able to —


The mother beast tried to make a sound to warn its husband of this sinister and crafty human girl, but —

 Before she could make a sound, Feng Wu’s Flaming Sword swung down once more!

 She slashed a third time!


 The mother beast’s head rolled off its shoulders .

 And it didn’t even have time to close its eyes .

 Just then —

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 The father beast jumped out of the pit .

 And the first thing it saw was the head rolling around on the ground .

 At that moment —

 The father beast’s head went blank!

 That was impossible!

 He couldn’t believe it!

 One of its eyes had been hurt by the explosion, but it could still see .

 Its partner was…

Looking up, the beast stared at Feng Wu with a savage look on its face, its remaining eye spitting flames of hatred!

 “Roar!” The father beast went berserk!

 Feng Wu smiled coldly .

 Three Spiny Frost Beasts were too much for her to handle all at once, but there was only one left now .

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 And this one was already injured .

 Just as the beast pounced at Feng Wu —

 Feng Wu activated all her spiritual essence and acted like a real Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster!

 All the spiritual energy around her was sucked into her body .

 And she slashed at the beast with Flaming Sword!

 It was a bloody and relentless battle .

 One human, one beast . Both tried to kill the other .

 This Spiny Frost Beast was a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster as well .

 But it was injured .

 In the pine tree grove on the vast snowfield —

 The girl and the beast both gave as good as they got .

 It wasn’t so obvious at first, but —

 Before long, Feng Wu had gotten the upper hand!


 Flaming Sword pierced the beast’s chest!

 The beast’s spiritual essence surged out toward Feng Wu’s headband!

 Two stars lit up when Feng Wu killed the mother beast .

 With the father beast dead, another two stars lit up!

 Feng Wu was baffled when she realized this .

 Was it that easy to light up the stars?


 Feng Wu’s stomach turned and she mumbled, “My secret will be exposed when they see my stars lit up . ”


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