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Chapter 750: 750

Grabbing a frozen branch, Feng Wu swung forward, and the next second, she had flown into a second pine tree .

 The three Spiny Frost Beasts were all bewildered!

 This human girl was more agile than a monkey!

 But did she think she could get away so easily?

 All three beasts had eerie smiles on their faces .


 They went on pursuing her frantically!

 Right at that moment!


 The son stepped on a spike, which nailed it to the spot!

 The father and mother beasts turned in their son’s direction immediately .

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 The son whimpered, but brandished its front paw at its parents, gesturing at them to continue the chase .

 It had been a while since it smelled fresh human blood, and it missed it!

 The parents exchanged looks, darted loving glances at their son, then dashed off again!

 They had to catch this human girl!

 Feng Wu swung and leapt from one pine tree to another, and she looked over her shoulder every now and then .

 She noticed right away that only two Spiny Frost Beasts were after her now .

 However, they were two very smart beasts .

 They evaded all the traps Feng Wu had set for them .

 Seeing that they were getting closer and closer, an idea struck Feng Wu all of a sudden!


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 When the beasts flanked Feng Wu again, she dove headfirst into a snow pit .

 “Hiss —”

 Both beasts smirked .

 Spiny Frost Beasts grew up in this snowfield and they knew the terrain like the back of their paws . Where did this petty human girl think she could hide?


 Th father smacked the snowy ground with a front paw!

The next moment, it dove into the snow pit!

 And the mother beast followed suit .

 When they were both in the pit, Feng Wu jumped out with a smile on her face . “Boom!”

 Immediately —

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 An explosion went off in the pit, fueled by fire spiritual energy .

 The father beast was closer to the explosion, and the blast hit it right in the face!

 Its left eye became a bloody hole .

 “Ahhh —”

 Its painful wail drifted up from underground .

 The mother beast was devastated . Without hesitation, it dashed out of the pit and charged at Feng Wu!

 Meanwhile, Feng Wu had already set up a simple Frost Killing Formation .

 It was plain and straightforward .

 The formation was created with Ice Thread tied between two pine trees .

 The thread was colorless, odorless, and almost invisible in the sunlight .

 Once Feng Wu infused the thread with spiritual essence, it became very taut and could cut open flesh at the slightest touch .

 Hence, when the mother beast jumped out of the pit —

 Feng Wu ran like a duck in a thunderstorm, yelling, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

 1The mother beast grinned, its face savage . It opened its mouth so wide that it could swallow Feng Wu whole .

 “Roar —”

The beast growled, then dashed after Feng Wu without hesitation!

 It was so eager to eat Feng Wu!

 And it failed to notice the thin thread tied between two pine trees .

 Its guard was completely lowered when it charged forward —


 Sudden, that Ice Thread —

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