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Chapter 75: Long Drive Straight Through

Feng Yi Ran heart was actually unwilling, however, how could he refuse?

He could only helplessly respond at once. "This being the case, then everyone, please follow me. It's just that Feng Wu's personality is arrogant, with resentment to the skies and embittered. If she were to commit an offense, I still hope that everyone will please show forgiveness as great as the sea."

Feng Wu didn't know at all that Feng Yi Ran was bringing Jun Lin Yuan and company over.

At the moment, she was feeling somewhat uncomfortable as she clutched at the dress on her body. It was a bit too grand and wasn't a style that she normally liked to wear.

However, her mother and silly brother continuously revolved around her, light radiating from their eyes.

Feng Wu felt somewhat uncomfortable by their gazes as she pulled her mother's snow white exquisite hand and implored pitiably. "How about we just change to something else?"

The pink dress looked like a forward, pink bubbly little girl, Feng Wu felt that it really didn't suit her.

In a flash, her beautiful mother's face smiling as brightly as the moon, instantly transformed into a torrent of rain ready to pour down from the clear and boundless sky. That pair of uniquely pretty eyes were swollen with suspended tears which hadn't fallen, appearing innocent and extremely pitiful……

Apparently, Feng Wu only needed to say another word and that pair of eyeballs inside those pretty eyes would surge and fall.

"Fine fine fine, no changing, no changing……" Feng Wu's hand supported her forehead. She's truly frightened by her.

Her mother's tearful eyes were gorgeous when smiling, breathtaking.

"This pearl hairpin of a phoenix spreading its wings is a bit……" Really quite pretty, attracting people's gaze, but was truly too ceremonious.

The current Feng Wu only wanted to withdraw and be a plank of wood on stage, and didn't want to be high-profiled, or ostentatious.

Her beautiful mother pouted her cherry red lips, looking greatly wronged as she turned to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu. "It's fine, it's fine……not changing, not changing it either, I'll just wear this for a day. We've already agreed that it'll be for a day."

"Yes!" Her mother smiled very happily.

Feng Wu thought to herself, for today, she'll just continue to stay in this backyard. If nothing special occurs, she shouldn't be meeting Jun Lin Yuan. In that case, she also wouldn't need to exhaust herself putting on a play. There couldn't be anything better than that.

However, she didn't know why her heart had been feeling somewhat restless.

"Elder Sister, you've dressed up so elegantly and prettily, but you feel uncomfortable like this?" Little Seventh Feng sized Feng Wu up and down. "Elder Sister, if you were to go out dressed like this, I guarantee that Crown Prince Jun will be enchanted to the point he'll fall head over heels."

Feng Wu displeasedly shot a glance at him. "Don't spout nonsense, hurry and go out to see if there's anything going on outside. Jun Lin Yuan is not a vulgar skirt chaser, this person is aloof and extremely icily arrogant."

"Oh." Little Seventh Feng responded with one sound and ran away, but before he even reached the door, he wailed loudly and ran back around——

"Elder Sister, Elder Sister, not good, Crown Prince Jun is coming——" Little Seventh Feng made a big fuss as he charged back!

Not good? Crown Prince Jun is coming?

Without exception, everyone from Jun Lin Yuan's party entering the courtyard heard these words.

Feng Yi Ran's complexion instantly became dark!

What's the meaning of this? ! Did this mean that they don't like Crown Prince Jun? But even if you don't like him, you shouldn't say it outloud! It's Crown Prince Jun we're talking about, Jun Lin Yuan! It doesn't matter if you're courting your own death, don't bring the clan, misfortune, heavens!

Feng Yi Ran wished that he could choke Feng Wu to death! He hurriedly smilingly apologized to Jun Lin Yuan. "Crown Prince, this, this Feng Wu is reckless, and that Feng Yi Qi's brain is even worse, there's really nothing good to look at there, how about we……"

Jun Lin Yuan turned a deaf ear as he continued to step forward and that pair of slender, straight legs directly entered.

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