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Published at 17th of July 2020 04:30:09 AM
Chapter 749
Chapter 749: The Chase

Feng Wu sprinted off!

And the three Spiny Frost Beasts took off after her!

Proud Snowfield was a world of vast whiteness . If one were to look down from above, they wouldn’t miss the breathtaking chase that was happening at the moment!

Looking over her shoulder, Feng Wu saw that the three beasts had split up and formed a triangle behind her . It was a typical assault formation and they wasted no time in pressing forward .

The distance between Feng Wu and the beasts kept getting narrower .

Feng Wu calculated in her head . At this rate, she would be worn out in less than an hour and the three beasts would surround her!

When that happened, she would be in a disadvantageous position .

Feng Wu scanned the surrounding area, hoping to find something to work with .


In the distance, as far away as her eyes could see, stood a pine grove, the trees covered in rime .

Rime formed when frost covered the surface of the branches in cold weather . From afar, the scene looked magical .

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Feng Wu ran as fast as she could toward the pine grove with the three beasts at her heels!

Their faces looked even more ferocious during the chase and their spines glinted in the sunlight!

Boom —

There was a loud noise!

Instinctively, Feng Wu looked over her shoulder . Of the two beasts running in the rear, the left one leapt up, stepped on the beast in the front, and jumped!

The one on the right stepped on the beast in the front before stepping again on the one that was still in mid-air!

They were using one another as stepping boards!


Feng Wu then saw the beast on the far right pounce swiftly at her after that maneuver!


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The beast was almost on Feng Wu when —

Feng Wu rolled on the ground, and the beast narrowly missed her!

However, that slowed her down, and the two beasts behind took the opportunity to catch up to her .

Feng Wu then realized that the beasts were a family .

The one in the front was the father, while the mother ran on the left and the son on the right .

The family of three was hunting Feng Wu and wanted to have her for lunch .

Proud Snowfield was a tough place with vile weather and little food . This fresh human being just happened to show up on their doorstep, and the family of Spiny Frost Beasts was elated!

The aroma of warm human flesh titillated their senses and their mouths watered!

The beasts exchanged looks and saw the excitement in each other’s eyes .

This human was theirs!

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Immediately —

Two beasts circled Feng Wu .

She rolled away swiftly, then jumped to her feet .

The mother beast slashed down at Feng Wu’s head with a front paw .

Feng Wu evaded, but the paw still caught her cheek and cut her skin open…

Blood ran down her fair cheek .

It hurt…

The smell of blood agitated the beasts further!

“Roar —”

They charged at Feng Wu at full speed!

On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

She knew very well that she couldn’t handle all three beasts all at once, and her best strategy was to separate them .

With that in mind, Feng Wu wiped the blood off her cheek and jumped into a pine tree!

She moved very fast .

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