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Published at 17th of July 2020 04:30:10 AM
Chapter 748

Whoosh —

 All the candidates flew into the portal .

 Only then did someone cry out in surprise . “Wait, which terrain are we entering?!”

 Feng Wu was the only one with the answer .

 Proud Snowfield .

 The portal worked like a catapult .

 Whoosh —

 All the candidates were thrown out, and they scattered around Proud Snowfield .

 1000 candidates might sound a lot, but Proud Snowfield was an immense place . Once they arrived, the candidates were lost in the snow-covered land and no one knew where the others were .

 Luckily, they were all sent to the southeast corner of Proud Snowfield instead of all over the entire area . Otherwise, it would take them more than a month just to walk out .

 And the physical tryout was going to last seven days .

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 Feng Wu had no idea how the others arrived . She only knew that she was falling from high up in the sky .


 She crash landed .

 Fortunately, Feng Wu had practice — she had jumped from that giant eagle once . At the critical moment, Feng Wu spun around and landed on her back . She then pulled a sled out of her ring!

Yes, Feng Wu had brought a sled with her because she knew she was going to Proud Snowfield .

 Sitting on the sled, Feng Wu slid down the slope .

 She felt as swift as a swallow .

 Snow was kicked up into the air on both sides .

 As Feng Wu slid down, she gained speed .

 What she failed to anticipate was that as the sled moved forward, snowflakes kept flying into her eyes .

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 In the end, she tumbled into a snow pit with a thud .

 Pffft —

 Feng Wu fell face down, and it seemed to take her forever to get out .

 She thought she was going to suffocate .

 After getting out of the pit, Feng Wu shook off the loose snow, then checked her surroundings .

 Everywhere she turned, she saw stretch upon stretch of white .

 The plateau was covered in snow . A short distance away stood a giant pine tree with rime-encrusted branches . The little icicles glittered in the sunlight .

 The wind was chilly, and Feng Wu shuddered .

 Without thinking, she sat down cross-legged and activated her spiritual essence .

 She hadn’t gotten her spiritual essence back for long and she was quite capable already . It was just that she had kept it from the others .

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 Feng Wu was circulating fire spiritual energy throughout her body when —

 She sensed something dangerous in the snow pit she fell into earlier .

 Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

 It felt so powerful!

 She turned around to see a frost magical beast!

 It looked like a cheetah, but with thicker fur which stuck out stiffly like icicles, resembling the spines of a hedgehog!

 The fur shone brilliantly under the sun!

 The name Spiny Frost Beast came to Feng Wu’s mind right away!

 And it was a beast at the Spiritual Grandmaster stage!

 Feng Wu’s heart sank . This had to be her unlucky day . She just happened to fall into the nest of a Spiny Frost Beast?

 One Spiny Frost Beast… two Spiny Frost Beast… three…

Seeing the beasts crawl out of the pit and glare at her, Feng Wu despaired a little .

 She had smashed into the nest of some hibernating Spiny Frost Beasts . Seriously?

 She could try to fight her way out if there was only one of them, but now —

 There were three!

 Without hesitation, Feng Wu turned around and bolted!

 Rumble —

 As soon as Feng Wu moved, the three Spiny Frost Beasts, who were moving slowly, took action as well .

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