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Chapter 746

The tryout could take place in one of the many potential terrains .

 They were Dark Forest, Yellow Desert, Volcanic Swamp, Misty Jungle, Snowy Plateau…

Every candidate here had their own special attribute .

 Only a handful of them had two attributes and even fewer had multiple attributes . Most of them only specialized in a single attribute .

 Such as fire, water, ice, wood, earth, and so on .

 Hence, if the tryout happened in a place like Dark Forest, those with the wood attribute would have an advantage .

 Whereas if Volcanic Swamp was chosen, those who specialized in fire or earth would have the upper hand .

 And so on and so forth .

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 Many candidates had tried to find out beforehand what the chosen terrain was . That way, they could adequately equip themselves in advance according to the terrain’s characteristics .

 However, Imperial College’s security measures were so impeccable that no one was able to get any information .

 Since they still had a little time before the tryout started, they all turned to Mu Yaoyao for help .

 But Mu Yaoyao had no idea at all .

 She was as lost as the rest of them… Her granduncle had been keeping a distance from her . How was she supposed to know the answer to the question?

 At that thought, Mu Yaoyao couldn’t help but turn to look at Feng Wu .

 Because most people were pushing toward Mu Yaoyao, the area around Feng Wu looked even emptier in comparison . Chaoge was the only one by Feng Wu’s side .

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 Following Mu Yaoyao’s gaze, the others all smirked .

 “Hey, isn’t that Feng Wu?”

 “As in the person who was first in the written exam? Why does she only have one friend?”

 Huo Yin said, “Because we’re not idiots . Anyone can see that she has no spiritual essence and that she’s just a cripple . She could count on her intelligence in the written exam, but the physical tryout is a different story . She’s probably not going to make it out alive, let alone get a grade . ”

 Most of the candidates agreed with her .

 Because they thought they could predict Feng Wu’s failure, they didn’t want to get anywhere near her .

 Chaoge was furious!

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 You shallow people! Feng Wu is the best! She’s a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster already and she’s far better than any of you! How dare you call her a cripple? You’re all idiots!

 Chaoge wanted to say those words aloud, but Feng Wu wouldn’t let her . As a result, Chaoge could only keep them to herself .

 “Xiao Wu —” Chaoge tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve and whispered, “Xiao Wu, when can we go public with your cultivation ability? I’d love to see their faces then!”

 She was having a hard time keeping the secret .

 Feng Wu chuckled . “Are you that eager?”

 “They’re looking down on you and I can’t stand it!” Chaoge said indignantly .

 Tilting her head, Feng Wu told Chaoge after a moment’s consideration, “Let’s wait until we can’t keep the secret to ourselves anymore . I have a feeling that we won’t have to wait very long . ”

 If the Zuo family confirmed that she had regained her ability and that she was even more brilliant than before… she was sure that the Zuo family would do anything to get rid of her!

 By then, not only herself, but all those close to her would be in grave danger .

 That was why Feng Wu wouldn’t reveal the truth just for temporary gratification . Her family’s safety was at stake!

 Chaoge understood how serious this was as well, and she could only clench her fists and wait for the day when Feng Wu would dazzle the world again .

 Just then —

 “Attention, it’s Mr Fang —”

 At that announcement, everyone stopped talking and stood in line .

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