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Chapter 745: 745

“Because of me, her daughter!” Feng Wu grinned at them . “I was first in the written exam, and my mother’s status rose with me . That’s why she’s a second rank Dame now . Lady Wang, don’t give up . You still have Feng Liu to count on, don’t you?”

 Feng Liu? The girl hadn’t even made it into the first 1000! Count on her to get the highest marks?

 Lady Wang shook her head . That wouldn’t happen even in the next life!

 Poor Lady Wang . She had come here full of expectations and had to leave with regrets .

 Imperial College’s physical tryout was finally going to start .

 No one knew in advance which terrain had been chosen this year . Hence, no one knew what to expect .

 But Feng Wu knew .

 So did Yu Mingye .

 Because Feng Wu had picked the place together with Grand Secretary Fang .

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 With Mr Zuo dead and Mr Lu in seclusion, Imperial College needed a new head . The emperor then named Grand Secretary Fang vice-principal, and he would be the acting principal until Mr Lu came out of seclusion .

 The announcement was made right before the start of the physical tryout .

 A thousand students stood in silence on the vast square as they waited for the portal to open and send them directly to the chosen terrain .

 At first, everyone was talking about what terrain to expect and how difficult it might be…

At that moment, an announcement of the appointment was handed down from Emperor Wu .

 Everyone, teachers and candidates included, erupted into loud discussion as soon as they heard the news .

 “Wow! Grand Secretary Fang?”

 “He’s Mu Yaoyao’s grandfather, right?”

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 “Oh god! Princess Mu will have so much prestige in Imperial College from now on!”

 The candidates’ eyes lit up when they heard the news .

 Mu Yaoyao was in their year . If they could make friends with Mu Yaoyao, their lives would become so much easier!

 Many thought that way .

 Amidst the crowd, Mu Yaoyao couldn’t help but get excited .

 Her granduncle?!

 No, he was her grandpa!

 Mu Yaoyao made up her mind . She would address Grand Secretary Fang as grandpa in front of the others . As for when she was alone with the old man… well, she could call him granduncle then . No one else needed to know about it .

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 Mu Yaoyao was surrounded by quite a few people to start with, and the crowd only got bigger .

 Huo Yin, Wen Ling, Liu Hao, and Mu Qing used to be Ye Yafei’s minions, and since Ye Yafei had become quite close with Mu Yaoyao, she left those four in Mu Yaoyao’s care .

 Yao Hao and Yao Ying, the siblings from the Yao family, were with Mu Yaoyao as well .

 Those two were from Mu Yaoyao’s own network and were much closer to her .

 Now that Grand Secretary Fang had been appointed vice-principal and acting principal, Mu Yaoyao was practically drowning in the crowd around her .

 Feng Wu and Chaoge stood a short distance away .

 They could hear everything Mu Yaoyao said .

 Huo Yin asked, “Princess Mu, is Grand Secretary Fang your grandfather?”

 Mu Yaoyao glanced at her . “Mhhm . ”

 “Huh?” Feng Wu and Chaoge exchanged looks . Chaoge couldn’t stand the lie and wanted to expose Mu Yaoyao right away .

 Grand Secretary Fang had ordered Mu Yaoyao to stop addressing him as grandfather in public .

 But Feng Wu stopped Chaoge and smiled . “Just stay put . ”

 But Chaoge couldn’t stand it . “But Grand Secretary Fang said…”

 “Do you think they’ll believe you if you tell them the truth now?” Feng Wu chuckled . “Let’s hear what she has to say next . ”

 Over there, Huo Yin asked another question . “Princess Mu, did Grand Secretary Fang give you any hint about the terrain which the tryout will be taking place in?”

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