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Chapter 744: 744

When Feng Yanfeng arrived at Fallen Star Yard with a livid face, he was in time to see Feng Wu and Lady Xuanji walk in .

 “Stop right there!” Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu .

 Turning around in bewilderment, Feng Wu saw the family of three .

 She frowned . “What now?”

 “What now? Feng Wu, that’s what I should be asking you . ” Feng Liu snorted . “Are you going to pretend nothing happened? You’re bringing trouble to our clan again!”

 “Trouble?” Feng Wu gave Feng Liu a quizzical look . “What trouble?”

 “Heh, playing dumb, are we?” Feng Liu moved closer and sneered at Feng Wu .

 Feng Wu’s patience was wearing thin . She turned to frown at Feng Yanfeng . “Uncle, do you have anything to say about this?”

 Feng Yanfeng’s face was as dark as a stormy sky!

 Lady Wang scoffed at Feng Wu’s words and she couldn’t wait to see Feng Yanfeng scold the girl .

 However —

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 Feng Yanfeng was smarter than his wife thought . He asked coldly, “Were you in court?”

 “Yes . ”

 “And your mother, too?”

 “Yes . ”

 “You…” Feng Yanfeng ground his teeth . “Did you make a scene in the imperial palace this time?!”

 Feng Wu looked at Feng Yanfeng in bewilderment . “If that was the case, shouldn’t you, my uncle, be summoned to court?”

 That rendered Feng Yanfeng speechless .

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu were bewildered as well .

 Feng Wu led her mother back to her room .

 The wind was damp and chilly at this hour, and her mother was so fragile . She could catch a cold .

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 “Stop!” Lady Wang stared at Feng Wu .

 Feng Wu halted, then looked at Lady Wang in resignation .

 “Why did His Majesty summon you to court? Feng Wu, you’re not keeping this from your family!”

 Feng Wu sighed . “You really want to know?”

 “Of course?”

 Feng Wu turned to Feng Yanfeng . “And you, too?”

 “Just spit it out!”

 Shaking her head, Feng Wu took out the imperial edict from her sleeve and unrolled it . “It’s an imperial edict from His Majesty . On your knees, please . ”

 Feng Yanfeng was speechless .

 Lady Wang fell silent .

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 Feng Wu glanced at them unhurriedly . “Are you going to listen to His Majesty’s words standing up?”

 Chills ran down Feng Yanfeng’s spine and he knelt down at once!

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu had no choice but to follow suit .

 “By the grace of God, His Majesty the emperor hereby issues an imperial edict . Feng Wu…”

 It was the same imperial edict that Feng Wu had been given earlier, and she read the whole thing to the others now .

 Those who were hearing it for the first time were astonished, especially Lady Wang and Feng Liu .

 A second rank Dame?!

 Blue veins popped on Lady Wang’s forehead!

 Her husband was a second rank official now!

 And the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel!

 However, she was still a third rank Lady, and His Majesty showed no intention of raising her status . On the other hand, Feng Wu’s mother was…

Lady Wang refused to accept it!

 Rolling the imperial edict back up, Feng Wu darted a glance at Lady Wang . “Aren’t you supposed to pay respects to the second rank Dame now?”

 Lady Wang: !!!

 She thought herself such an idiot all of a sudden!

 Why did she have to mess with Feng Wu when she could have stayed away? Why did she have to force Feng Wu to read the imperial edict? She could pretend nothing had happened if she didn’t know about it!

 Lady Wang regretted every decision she had made tonight .

 How was she supposed to act all superior in front of Feng Wu’s mother now? What could she use to agitate the lady? She herself might get agitated first .

 Feng Wu gave Lady Wang a half-smile . “So, Aunt, are you going to defy an imperial edict?”

 Lady Wang’s face was livid .

 “Why?!” Feng Liu shouted out the question everyone else wanted to ask . “Why does your mother get to become a second rank Dame? What contribution has she made?!”

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