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Chapter 743

The empress dowager was astonished by Lady Xuanji’s beauty at first when her eyes landed on the lady .

 The woman was stunning!

 She had met Lady Xuanji before .

 There had been an anomaly in the weather when Feng Wu was born, and the empress dowager had summoned Lady Xuanji to court then . Although the lady was pale and flustered, she had still been beautiful enough to take one’s breath away .

 And thirteen years had passed since then…

The empress dowager looked down at her own hands, which showed signs of aging . However, Lady Xuanji still looked as fresh as a teenage girl with her impeccable complexion and great beauty .

 Time treated everyone equally, but apparently, Lady Xuanji was an exception .

 “Your Majesty, may I ask, why is my mother here?”

 Seeing that Emperor Wu was dazed by her mother’s beauty, Feng Wu frowned .

 She regretted letting this happen .

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 She should have refused the edict . Once the beautiful lady showed her face, a lot more trouble might be waiting for them in the future .

 “Cough —”

 Emperor Wu cleared his throat to cover up his embarrassment .

 Emperor Wu hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away from Lady Xuanji since she walked into the hall .

 He gestured at the chief steward .

 The chief steward unrolled an imperial edict that had been prepared in advance .

 “Lady Xuanji is known for her outstanding appearance and her female virtue . She brought up her daughter properly, which led to Feng Wu’s great achievement in the written exam… She is hereby granted the title of a second rank Dame…”

 Something then stirred inside Feng Wu!

 A second rank Dame? She liked the sound of that .

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 With that title, no one would dare try anything on the beautiful lady when she showed up in public .

 Moreover, even Lady Wang, who was so full of self-importance, was a mere third rank Lady .

 But her beautiful mother looked as bewildered as she always did .

 Third rank, second rank — they made no difference to her .

 However, if they were going to award her mother for Feng Wu’s great performance in the written exam, why wait until now?

 Feng Wu frowned .

 Something felt off and she was uneasy .

 Feng Wu pondered the question after they left the imperial palace . In the end, she made a mental note to ask Lady Northern Feng about it another day .

 In the Feng manor .

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 The imperial messengers had visited the manor twice today, and of course Lady Wang knew about it .

 “What’s with all these visits?” Lady Wang was a little on edge .

 Feng Liu had fallen ill at Feng Wu’s triumph and had only just recovered . She said grumpily as she ate her meal, “Feng Wu must be in trouble again and the court is dealing with her . ”

 “Are you sure?” Lady Wang wasn’t convinced .

 “I think so!” The more she thought about it, the more Feng Liu believed herself . Putting down the bowl, she rinsed her mouth with the cup of water her maid offered her, then said, “That granny didn’t seem too friendly when she came to pick up Feng Wu . ”

 Lady Wang turned to look at Granny Gui .

 Granny Gui nodded . “Miss Liu is right . ”

 Feng Liu added, “Plus, Mother, Feng Wu wasn’t the only one who was summoned . Another messenger was here to take her mother away, too . It has to be something big . And you know what she’s like . She’s in trouble, trust me!”

 Lady Wang frowned . “What do we do now?”

 Sitting in the head seat, Feng Yanfeng heard every word .

 He frowned .

 Feng Wu had done it again? And she had messed with the royal family this time? Would his own job be affected?

 Just then, footsteps came from outside —

 “Lady Xuanji and Miss Wu are back —”

 Lady Wang put down her chopsticks .

 “Come, let’s go to Fallen Star Yard!”

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