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Chapter 742: 742

Feng Wu looked at the empress dowager in bewilderment . What did she want?

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 However, Emperor Wu gave the answer before long .

 “Summon Lady Xuanji to court —”

 Lady Xuanji? Who was that? Feng Wu didn’t recognize the name at first, but it soon occurred to her!


 Lady Xuanji was her own mother!

 The look on Feng Wu’s face changed . “Your Majesty, what’s…”

 Emperor Wu smiled at Feng Wu . “Don’t worry . ”

 Feng Wu then turned to the empress dowager .

 The empress dowager only nodded at Feng Wu with an impassive face .

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 How could Feng Wu not worry? Jun Linyuan couldn’t let a day pass without causing her trouble, which made her on edge . Now, he was trying to drag her beautiful mother into this…

The beautiful lady was Feng Wu’s bottom line that no one could cross!

 Feng Wu looked up at Jun Linyuan involuntarily .

 Jun Linyuan was smiling a little, which could be a smirk or a taunting expression .

 Feng Wu was speechless .

 What on earth did the royal family want?!

 Would her beautiful mother be flustered when the imperial edict arrived?

 Of course she would!

 The beautiful lady was like a flower in a glasshouse and a kept bird in a cage . She had the mind of a five-year-old! She would be frightened!

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 However, the imperial messengers were very efficient . Before long, Feng Wu heard footsteps outside .

 Feng Wu looked up to see her beautiful mother walk in, supported by Chaoge .

 Good, Chaoge was with her .

 “Xiao Wu —”

 As soon as she spotted Feng Wu, Lady Xuanji raised the lower hem of her dress off the floor and ran toward Feng Wu . Clasping Feng Wu’s face between shaky hands, she began to cry .

 “My Xiao Wu . Did they hit you? Does it hurt?”

 Tears dampened her long eyelashes and her pink lips quivered .

 She looked up at the royal family with her wet, doe-like eyes .

 The temperature seemed to drop instantly!

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 Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

 That was so strange . When did her mother ever have that sort of authoritative manner? She looked like an ice goddess .

 Feng Wu wasn’t the only one who thought that way . Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes as well .

 As for Emperor Wu…

He was lost in Lady Xuanji’s eyes as soon as he saw her…

1Talk about toppling a country with one’s beauty alone, to say nothing of a true beauty with flesh of ice and bones of jade…

For a moment, Emperor Wu could think of nothing but this stunning woman .

 She didn’t look like the mother of a 13-year-old at all .

 She was a teenage girl herself .

 She had the pure, innocent look of a baby… and she looked a couple of years older than Feng Wu at most .

 Emperor Wu was infatuated…

1Feng Wu didn’t want to bring more attention to her mother . Pushing her suspicions aside, she took her mother’s hands . “Mum, I’m fine . I really am . Look, no one hit me . ”

 Lady Xuanji examined Feng Wu and let out a breath of relief after she saw that Feng Wu was really fine .

 With that, the chill in the air disappeared…

Jun Linyuan stared at Lady Xuanji with his piercing eyes and was lost in thought…

The beautiful lady beamed at Feng Wu . Her smile reminded one of the evening glow, which was fresh and brilliant at the same time .

 “I’m so glad my Xiao Wu is alright . I was so worried…” Caressing Feng Wu’s long hair, the beautiful lady still looked a little shaken .

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