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Chapter 741

Feng Wu looked puzzled when she saw the jade pendant .

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 Looking at Feng Wu’s exquisite face and the innocent look on it, the empress dowager felt a little guilty as well .

 But nothing was more important than her Baby Jun .

 So she cut to the chase . “Feng Wu, take the jade pendant . ”

 “Huh?” Feng Wu was bewildered . The empress dowager had practically snatched it back from her, but why was she giving it to her now? What the hell?

 Feng Wu’s first reaction was to turn it down . “I really shouldn’t, Your Majesty . The jade belongs to His Royal Highness and is related to his marriage . I can’t take it . I really can’t . ”

 1The empress dowager looked a little embarrassed .

 She had said pretty much the same thing when she took the jade away from Feng Wu earlier .

 Was the girl doing it on purpose?

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 The empress dowager was displeased . “I said take it and you should do as told! Are you going to defy me now?”

 Of course Feng Wu couldn’t do that .

 She knew too well that Emperor Wu was a dutiful son . If she said no to the empress dowager now, the emperor would make her life a living hell .

 Despite the bitter taste in her mouth and the complaints she was venting inwardly, Feng Wu had no choice but to take the jade pendant .

 She then sensed an intense gaze . Looking up, she met Jun Linyuan’s eyes, which were like bottomless pits!

 1The look in them was unreadable .

 Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

 Why was Jun Linyuan here? Did he have something to do with the jade pendant being given back?

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 Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan .

 Jun Linyuan returned Feng Wu’s gaze arrogantly . He was gloating .

 Gloating? Feng Wu was frustrated . So, it was Jun Linyuan’s idea after all .

 Seeing that Feng Wu was stealing glances at Jun Linyuan again and had let her mind wander, the empress dowager was displeased!

 “Feng Wu!”

 “Yes, Your Majesty —” Feng Wu came back to herself right away .

 She was in the imperial palace, and in the presence of the empress dowager and Emperor Wu . She had to focus .

 “What are you doing just standing there? Put the jade pendant on,” the empress dowager urged Feng Wu, with Jun Linyuan’s reminder .

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 Feng Wu was confused . “P- put it on?”

 The empress dowager grew impatient . She darted a glance at Granny Lan .

 Granny Lan went up to Feng Wu, bowed, then said, “Miss Wu, please stand still . ”

 Feng Wu did as told, then looked at Granny Lan in confusion .

 Granny Lan hung the pendant on Feng Wu’s belt so that it pressed down the lower half of her dress nicely .

 The deep green color of the pendant was set off perfectly against the floaty white dress .

 The empress dowager only nodded when she saw that the pendant was put on . She added, “Now that you’re wearing it, make sure you have it on you all the time, even when you’re sleeping . Is that understood?”

 Feng Wu asked hesitantly, “May I ask why?”

 The empress dowager darted a glance at Feng Wu .

 The girl was beautiful . She had porcelain skin, pink, tender lips, a nicely curved neck, and slender shoulders . She looked almost too delicate to hold the dress up .

 Her forehead was round and smooth, and her eyelashes were long and dense . When she looked up, they reminded one of butterflies, which only added to the charm of her eyes .

 The empress dowager thought to herself, “Am I being too harsh?” Poor girl . She might not be around anymore in a few years .

 At that thought, the empress dowager said something to Emperor Wu .

 Emperor Wu’s eyes flickered . “Mother, are you sure?”

 “Of course I’m sure! Let’s do it!” The empress dowager gave the final word .

 Feng Wu looked at the empress dowager in bewilderment . The old lady was so unpredictable . What was she going to do now?

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