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Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Unlucky Person, Who’s That?

Feng Xun didn’t speak without a basis. Jun Lin Yuan and Feng Wu’s engagement still hadn’t been annulled, which meant that the Feng clan had a very big chance of rising in standing, unless……Feng Wu herself courted disaster.

That’s why, Feng Xun thought himself clever as he supplemented with. “The Feng clan produces a female phoenix*, there’s some meaning to these words.”

(*TN: Feng Xun’s statement contained several potential meanings. Feng means phoenix, so 1) ‘The Phoenix clan produces a female phoenix.’ 2) Female phoenixes may also symbolize an empress, so ‘The Feng clan produces a queen.’)

However, Feng Liu’s understanding was completely different. Her greatest skill indeed was her imagination, and most awesome of all was the ability to deceive others as well as herself. That’s why, when she heard these words from Feng Xun, her heartbeat

instantly sped up!

The Feng clan produced a female phoenix……female phoenix? Moreover relying on this female phoenix, the entire Feng clan would rise in position again?

It’s already an impossibility for Feng Wu, then currently, the Feng clan’s most capable daughter…..

Thinking of this, Feng Liu only felt the blood in her entire body rushing to her forehead!

Oh my god, Crown Prince Jun regarded her……Crown Prince Jun surprisingly regarded her……with some feeling!

Feng Liu excitedly clenched her fists, her entire body shivering with excitement.

No one knew that Feng Liu’s thoughts were in a complete mess.

Feng Yi Ran saw Jun Lin Yuan walking straight into the courtyard. Recalling that Feng Wu was in there, he heart ‘bathump’ed——

Feng Wu, that d*mned girl with a stubborn personality. She must still harbor hard feelings against Jun Lin Yuan from the time their engagement was annulled, so let’s not have

have her resentment skyrocket from colliding with Crown Prince Jun. Thinking to this point, Feng Yi Ran hurriedly ran forward and stooped at the side. “Crown Prince, the reception area is this way——”

Feng Xun frowned. “Feng Yi Ran, are you not letting us enter the main courtyard? What do you intend by this?”

How could Feng Yi Ran dare to cover up the truth in front of the crown prince. He faced his hands up and smiled awkwardly. “To be quite honest, the main courtyard is in front of us. There’s an unlucky person in there, I’m afraid she would dirty Your Highness and everyone’s eyes, that’s why——”

“Unlucky person, who’s that?” Feng Xun inquisitively asked.

“He hehe, Young Prince, you also know her, our Feng clan’s family misfortune. Besides that unlucky comet, who implicated the entire Feng clan causing it to fall from a

from a position as one of the nine great clans, and who, as a result, was released to this old residence in the Northern Territories……”

Feng Xun’s eyes blinked. “The unlucky person that you’re referring to, the one you’re pointing to shouldn’t be……Feng Wu, right?”

Feng Yi Ran was very embarrassed. “Alas, our clan’s misfortune, our clan’s misfortune, sigh……”

To the side, Fairy Mu Yao covered up her mouth and smiled, appearance brimming with delight.

Before coming to the Feng residence, her heart had been unconvinced, and even more so, was unreconciled. A good-for-nothing like Feng Wu, who’s fallen from grace, why did she still feel pressured by her?

Now that she knew the Feng clan’s people evaluated Feng Wu in this way, she was naturally glad, happiness overflowing in waves.

But at this moment, Feng Xun used an awfully strange gaze to glance at Feng Yi Ran. This Yi Ran. This one glance, made Feng Yi Ran’s back shiver, scared from the bottom of his heart.

“Feng Wu? It’s actually been five years since we’ve seen her, and we also don’t know what she’s grown up to be like. It should be good for us to meet her.” The corners of Feng Xun’s mouth curved up. “Lead the way forward.”

Facing Feng Yi Ran, Feng Xun exhibited a young prince’s authority, and wasn’t polite at all.

Feng Yi Ran took a look at Jun Lin Yuan, this Crown Prince Jun’s dense eyebrows and deep eyes were profoundly mysterious. No one could guess his thoughts, nor opinions.

He didn’t oppose and also didn’t approve. His manner of declining to comment, made a person have even more difficulty seeing through it.

“Let’s go, lead the way up front.” Feng Xun unpleasantly glared at Feng Yi Ran.

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