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Chapter 735: 735

Jun Linyuan grabbed the thing on the table and tossed it to Feng .

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 “Y- Your Royal Highness…” The eunuch was almost in tears . He would be hung if the crown prince took it away .

 Jun Linyuan glanced at him .

 “His Majesty… is going to award the princes with Quling tea leaves that Master Linghu sent…” People would die if Jun Linyuan took it away just like this!

 “Show me the list . ” Jun Linyuan smirked .

 Of course the eunuch couldn’t say no to Jun Linyuan, and he took the list out of his chest pocket .

 After reading the list, the smirk on Jun Linyuan’s face grew even colder .

 Putting away the list, he turned to leave!

 “Your Royal Highness…”

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 The eunuch was really crying from fear now .

 Jun Linyuan headed for Cining Palace straight away .

 Cining Palace .

 The empress dowager was sleeping, and being a considerate son, the emperor didn’t trust anyone else to make her herbal medicine . Right now, he was watching the fire as the concoction bubbled in a pot .

 Jun Linyuan showed up at that moment .

 The temperature inside Cining Palace plummeted as soon as he walked in!

 What was more —

 Emperor Wu was fanning the stove, and the fire almost went out from the sudden drop in temperature .

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 Emperor Wu snapped, “Who’s there?!”

 He looked up and saw Jun Linyuan, who looked furious as he started to raise a storm in the room .

 Wrapped in his luxurious fur cape, the crown prince cut a dashing figure . The moment he stepped inside, he fixed his unblinking gaze on Emperor Wu .

 It was as if a young wolf was challenging the pack leader!

 Emperor Wu lost his temper right away!

 After all the effort he had put in, he had to watch it all go to waste because the fire had died .

 Rising to his feet, he stared at Jun Linyuan coldly and frowned . “Jun Linyuan, what are you doing?”

Jun Linyuan only smirked, but didn’t say a word .

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 Emperor Wu flared up and gestured at the stove . “Do you realize that your grandmother is counting on that medicine? And you put out the fire just like that . What did you do that for?!”

 Emperor Wu had always maintained a casual manner in Cining Palace, for the empress dowager didn’t like him to be too formal here .

 Jun Linyuan stared at Emperor Wu with eyes as deep as bottomless pits .

 Anger flickered in them .

 Emperor Wu snorted . “So, it’s because of me . Tell me now . What did I do?”

 Because of Jun Linyuan’s great talent, Emperor Wu found it hard to retain his majesty around Jun Linyuan, for the latter never viewed him in that light…

Jun Linyuan smirked . “You know damn well what you did . ”

 1Emperor Wu’s face turned livid and he pointed a shaking finger at Jun Linyuan . “Watch your language! Do you even know who you’re talking to? I can kill you for speaking to me like that!”

 Emperor Wu shook with anger! He was Jun Linyuan’s father at least, if not his emperor! This brat!

 “All the other princes are so obedient and filial! What did I do to deserve you?! You’re treacherous!”

 Jun Linyuan snorted . “They’re like pugs wagging their tails for attention . What else have they got?”

 “You — you —” Emperor Wu almost had a heart attack . “You brat! How can you say such things about your brothers? You —”

 He raised a hand to slap Jun Linyuan!

 All his subjects showed him, their ruler, veneration, apart from this brat!

 However, just then —

 The empress dowager, who had been sleeping on the couch, was woken up by the noise .

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