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Chapter 732: 732

Feng Xun stared at Boss Jun from behind him in amazement!

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 He then shifted his gaze to the top half of the wall, which was no longer there —

 Had Boss Jun kicked it that hard?

Feng Wu rushed out of the courtyard at that moment, and the first thing she saw was the damaged wall .

 It had been shattered once the other day, and had just been fixed . And it happened again?!

Feng Wu looked up and spotted Jun Linyuan .

 The crown prince was staring at Feng Wu with a nasty look in his eyes .

 Feng Wu then saw Feng Xun next to the guy, mouthing at her: Greet your cousin, cousin…

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The most important quality of a sycophant was to be glib-tongued, right?

 Feng Wu had been about to snap at Jun Linyuan at first . What had her wall done to him?

 However, Feng Xun’s reaction reminded her —

 Feng Wu took a step back, then another, and another . When she felt that she was far away enough, she bobbed Jun Linyuan a curtsey like a genteel noble lady . “Cousin, to what do I owe this honor —”

 Jun Linyuan’s face was so dark that he looked like a charred cooking pan .

 Feng Wu’s beautiful mother had carefully made her up before Feng Wu left for the imperial palace . She wore a soft white dress, which was paired with a rose-colored long top that was decorated with cherry blossoms . The outfit emphasized her long slender neck and set off her fair skin . She looked so demure and comely .

 However, Jun Linyuan only glared at her .

 One, two, three steps… Exactly how far away did she want to get from him?

 As soon as Jun Linyuan got mad, the temperature around him dropped .

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 Chaoge wanted to step outside, but as soon as she spotted Jun Linyuan, she was intimidated, which was very unlike her usual emboldened self . She then snuck back to her room like a scared kitten…

Feng Wu stood back up after greeting Jun Linyuan . She relaxed her facial muscles, looked into the empty air, then smiled mildly .

 “Cousin, welcome . Feng Xiaoqi, come out and keep our guest company . ”

 Feng Wu took another two steps back after that, moving further away from Jun Linyuan .

 “Huh? What?” Feng Xiaoqi was dumbfounded .

 Keep the guest company? He was just a kid . Since when was that his job? Plus, the crown prince looked so scary…

Feng Xiaoqi didn’t want to get anywhere near him . He wanted to run away .

 Feng Wu smiled at Jun Linyuan, then grabbed Feng Xiaoqi by his collar and whispered, “You’re the only man in the family! It’s your duty!”

 “But, Sister, what about you?” Feng Xiaoqi was almost in tears .

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 His Royal Highness was really scary!

 That look in his eyes felt like blades on the skin, and Feng Xiaoqi was sure that it could kill!

Feng Wu gritted her teeth and forced a smile . “Aren’t I supposed to be a well-taught noble young lady? I shouldn’t show my face to outsiders!”

 After that, Feng Wu turned to go back to her room .

 Jun Linyuan was bad news . If the royal family learned that he was here to see her… she wouldn’t be able to keep her head much longer .

 However, Feng Wu was only able to take a few steps .


 The door to her courtyard shut by itself despite the lack of wind!

 It happened so suddenly that it almost smashed into Feng Wu’s nose .

 Feng Wu: !!!

 She wanted to scream so badly .

 However, Feng Wu remembered the emperor’s warning, and she took a deep breath, then another one . When she turned around, there was a smile on her face, but she ground her teeth as she spoke .

 “Cousin, what do you want?”

 Jun Linyuan snorted .

 Cousin! Was he a stranger to her now?!

 Jun Linyuan refused to speak . He narrowed his eyes and stared at Feng Wu with a piercing gaze .

 1Feng Wu believed that if Jun Linyuan could shoot bullets with his eyes, she would be riddled with holes already .


 Just then, the windows of Feng Wu’s home cracked without warning!

 Feng Wu: !!!

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