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Chapter 731: 731

Feng Xun’s eyes widened . What was going on? Was Boss Jun that against little Feng Wu?

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 That was it!

 Feng Xun smacked his own thigh!

 He had been so pleased with the outcome that he had gotten carried away and forgotten something very important!

 Boss Jun found the notion of female cousins repulsive and had never liked little Feng Wu to begin with . Now that those two factors were combined, it would take a miracle for him to warm up to the idea!

 “Boss Jun —”

 Before Feng Xun could say another word, Jun Linyuan abruptly rose to his feet!

 One look at Boss Jun’s face and Feng Xun knew something was terribly wrong .

 The guy was very mad!

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 Jun Linyuan said nothing and marched off right away .

 “B- Boss Jun, where are you going?”

 “The Feng clan . ”

 The succinct answer gave Feng Xun the chills .

 Was Boss Jun going to beat little Feng Wu up?!

 Feng Xun was exasperated . He quickly followed Jun Linyuan out and tried to talk the crown prince out of it . “Boss Jun, actually… actually… It was His Majesty’s idea . He ordered my sister to call you cousin . My sister didn’t want to do it . Boss Jun, if you want to hit someone, hit me . Please don’t hit my sister . My sister is…”

 My sister, my sister, my sister… Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Xun!

 1Feng Xun returned his glare with an innocent look .

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 With a livid face, the crown prince marched off .

 In the Feng manor —

 “Xiao Wu, you’re back —”

 These days, Chaoge was staying with Feng Wu . According to her, the Duan family was the last place on earth she wanted to be .

 Feng Wu poked Feng Tutu’s plump belly with a finger . The cub had just had its meal and was lying there on its back .

 Was it just her, or had Feng Tutu gained weight again?

 Playing with the cub, Feng Wu turned to Chaoge with a smile . “Anything new?”

 “Yes! Yes, of course! Did you know? Your brother is a genius!” Chaoge said in amazement . “How long has it been since he started cultivating? He’s already a Level 5 Spiritual Master! A Level 5!”

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 Feng Wu said, “…Not bad . ”

 “And there’s Uncle Qiu! Did you know? He made it to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage today! Just like that!”

 Feng Wu rubbed Feng Tutu’s belly . “…Good . How about you?”

 “Hahahaha, I made a breakthrough today as well; I’m also a Spiritual Grandmaster now!” Chaoge was over the moon!

 Before Xiao Wu came back, Chaoge’s cultivation performance had been miserable . Not only couldn’t she make any progress, she had deteriorated until she was a mere Level 5 Spiritual Master .

 But within a month of meeting Xiao Wu again, she had become a Spiritual Grandmaster! She felt like a new person .

 Chaoge asked earnestly, “Xiao Wu, Lady Northern Feng seemed rather hesitant when she came to pick you up… Where did you go? Is everything alright?”

 “I went to the imperial palace . The empress dowager fell ill and I happened to be around, so I helped her,” Feng Wu said casually .

 “You saved Her Majesty?! Xiao Wu, you’re the empress dowager’s savior?!” Chaoge was elated . “His Majesty is the most filial son! Saving Her Majesty is such a big deal! The royal family must adore you now!”

 Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “Adore me? I’m already on the blacklist . ”

 The emperor and empress dowager were so alarmed, as if she actually wanted to marry Jun Linyuan . Seriously?

 “But why?” Chaoge was confused .

 Feng Wu said in a serious tone, “All you need to know is that from now on, we have to stay as far away as possible from the imperial palace, the empress dowager, His Majesty, and the crown prince . Got it?”

 “Not really…”

 Feng Wu said, “You don’t need to understand it . Just do as I say . ”


 “Crack —” There was the sound of something breaking apart outside . It sounded like the wall .


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