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Chapter 730: 730

“No, that won’t be necessary —” Feng Wu waved her hands . “I’d rather see him as a distant relative and stay out of his way . ”

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 Who were they kidding?!

 Jun Linyuan was indeed a powerful patron, but she couldn’t stand his mood swings!

 What was more, he specialized in sabotaging her!

 And he wouldn’t stop doing it .

 The last thing Feng Wu wanted was to get anywhere near him . She had to stay as far away as possible!

 “Don’t be shy . ” Feng Xun held Feng Wu by her shoulder like a real big brother . “Come, I’ll take you to him . ”

 Mu the Sixth watched their interaction with envy .

 They were going to see the crown prince —

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 After following Feng Xun around all these years and calling him “Boss,” Mu the Sixth had only met the crown prince a couple of times . And Boss Feng had never mentioned introducing him to Jun Linyuan .

 But now, Feng Wu would get to see the crown prince right away and would be under his protection… Mu the Sixth was so envious that he could cry!

 However, Feng Wu —

 “No, no, no . I’m not going . ” Feng Wu shook her head repeatedly .

 “Yes, yes, yes, please —” Feng Xun tried to drag Feng Wu out with him .

 “No!” Feng Wu said affirmatively . “It’s late and I need to go home!”

 After hearing about the royal family’s attitude, Feng Wu didn’t want to go anywhere near them .

 Lady Northern Feng was thinking the same thing . She darted a warning glance at Feng Xun . “Aren’t you supposed to protect you sister? What are you doing now?”

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 Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

 Fine . If Feng Wu wouldn’t go, he would go by himself .

 “Cousin?” Jun Linyuan had been cultivating despite Feng Xun’s noisy babbling . Nothing could disturb the crown prince, but —

 What the hell was that “cousin” all about?

 For the very first time, Jun Linyuan stopped his cultivation because of Feng Xun .

 Feng Xun mumbled, “…I didn’t want to share my sister with you, but since you’re so useful… Fine, you can have half of my sister, but only half . ”

 Jun Linyuan found Feng Xun preposterous . “Who are you talking about?”

 “Feng Wu, of course,” Feng Xun said matter-of-factly . “Little Feng Wu is my sister now and that makes you her cousin . That’s as good as half a brother . ”

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 Jun Linyuan almost rolled his eyes at Feng Xun . He didn’t want to be a “half-brother”! That sounded as idiotic as Feng Xun .

 Feng Xun went on babbling . “But I’m still closer to her! I’m the real brother and you’re just her cousin! You’re not taking her away from me!”

 Jun Linyuan detected something else from Feng Xun’s words .

 He snorted . “Who the hell is her cousin?”

 “You’re not walking away from this! This came from His Majesty, and my sister was told to address you as cousin,” Feng Xun gloated . “I know you hate your female cousins, but my sister is a different story! You can’t hate her!”

 From His Majesty himself? Interesting .

 Jun Linyuan darted a look at Feng .

 Feng nodded and left right away .

 Jun Linyuan didn’t hear anything Feng Xun said after that and he kept repeating that sentence in his head: This came from His Majesty, and my sister was told to address you as cousin .

 Since when was His Majesty so nosy?

 Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes .

 It was his habit to stay seven or eight steps ahead .

 He could always find the key information as soon as other people stopped talking . From there, he would soon get to the bottom of everything .

 Feng returned shortly afterward and whispered something in Jun Linyuan’s ear .

 Then, Feng Xun saw Boss Jun, who never let any emotion show, flare up . His eyes were as cold as winter!

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