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Chapter 729: 729

“Exaggerate? Heh . ” Feng Xun gloated . “That’s because you haven’t met my sister! You’ll be stunned once you know how amazing she is!”

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 “…Yes, of course…” Mu the Sixth had no choice but to succumb .

 Feng Xun and Mu the Sixth chatted as they walked in .

 Both Feng Wu and Lady Northern Feng had sharp ears and they heard the entire conversation .

 Lady Northern Feng was dumbfounded .

 She thought Feng Xun didn’t like Xiao Wu, but he was already showing his sister off? That brat…

Just then, Feng Xun walked in with Mu the Sixth .

 And Feng Xun stopped abruptly as soon as he set foot inside .

 His mother was here and so was little Feng Wu!

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 Feng Xun was speechless . Did his mother hear what he said out there just then?

 Lady Northern Feng darted a glance at Feng the Third . “You, come here and greet your sister!”

 Feng Xun raised his chin . “Like hell . I told you I didn’t want a sister!”

 1Lady Northern Feng was speechless .

 So was Mu the Sixth .

 Lady Northern Feng smirked . “His Majesty has spoken . Xiao Wu is going to address His Royal Highness as ‘cousin’ . ”

 “What?!” Feng Xun almost jumped to his feet . “Why?! I won’t have it! No way! She’s my sister! Mine! Why should he get a share?”

 1Mu the Sixth tugged at Feng Xun’s sleeve . “…Brother Feng, Brother Feng, by your sister, you mean…”

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 “Little Feng Wu!” Feng Xun had forgotten all about his pride . Throwing an arm over Feng Wu’s shoulders, he made the introduction . “From now on, she’s my sister . Give your people the heads up . Mess with her and you’ll have to answer to me!”

 Mu the Sixth was shocked!

 Feng Wu… as in the Feng Wu…

Mu the Sixth was a hopeless student and had the natural veneration for a straight A student!

 He patted his chest . “Miss Feng Wu, come to me if you need anything! Brother Feng’s sister is as good as my own!”

 “Go away —”

 Feng Xun, who had been acting all defiant with Lady Northern Feng, pushed Mu the Sixth out of the way . “Since when is my sister yours? Get your own sister!”

 After shouting at Mu the Sixth, Feng Xun turned to stare at Lady Northern Feng . “Why is Boss Jun her cousin now?!”

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 A cousin was as good as a half-brother; little Feng Wu was his sister and his alone! He wouldn’t let anyone change that!

 Lady Northern Feng rolled her eyes . “Weren’t you against having a sister, and made a big scene out of it? What? She’s your treasure now? You want to have her all to yourself?”

 “That’s right!”

 “Look how pretty your sister is . ”

 “Of course! Feng Xun’s sister has to be nothing but pretty!”

 “She’s still so young, and she’ll become even more beautiful . ”

 “There’s no doubt of that!”

 Lady Northern Feng asked, “So, you’re confident that you’ll be able to protect her?”

 “Are you kidding me? Me, Feng Xun, can’t protect my own sister? Mum, how can you belittle me like that?!”

 “Heh . You can’t even win against Zuo Qingluan . Are you sure about that?”

 “I…” Feng Xun was rendered speechless!

 “A cousin is as good as half a brother . Only with Jun Linyuan as a cousin and you as a brother can Xiao Wu live in peace and enjoy a carefree life . ”

 Feng Xun tilted his head . That sounded reasonable!

 Boss Jun was such an influential patron that if he took Xiao Wu under his wing, no one would dare to pick on her again!


 Feng Xun patted Feng Wu on the shoulder . “Little sister, don’t worry . I’ll go to Boss Jun and I’ll make him look out for you!”

 Feng Wu: !!!

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