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Published at 6th of July 2020 02:20:09 PM
Chapter 728

Feng Wu said, “…Actually, I can protect myself . ”

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 Lady Northern Feng rolled her eyes at Feng Wu . “Forget it . Without cultivation ability, it doesn’t matter how strong your physique is . All the enemies you’ve encountered so far were Spiritual Masters, which is why you could fend them off with your physical strength alone . But when they become Spiritual Grandmasters or Spiritual Elders…

“As they improve, you’ll lag behind, because your physical strength will grow at a much slower rate than their cultivation . The discrepancy will only grow bigger . ” Lady Northern Feng admonished her . “It’s like the difference between common soldiers and officers in the army: without spiritual essence, the best you can be is a chief petty officer . Those with spiritual essence, however, can start off as captains and lieutenants . From there, they’ll then become majors, colonels, or even major generals…

“Whereas you, Xiao Wu, you’ll remain an NCO, which is as far as you can get!” Lady Northern Feng got more concerned as she spoke . “By the way, do you really not feel anything for Jun Linyuan?”

 With Jun Linyuan as a patron, Feng Wu could get through anything even if she was ten times prettier than she was now .

 “Stop making fun of me . I can’t stay far away enough from Jun Linyuan, not to mention that the royal family doesn’t like me at all…” Feng Wu smiled bitterly . She needed to keep her distance from Jun Linyuan from now on .

 “I guess it’s better this way . ” Lady Northern Feng nodded .

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 Those in the imperial palace couldn’t keep Feng Wu far away enough, as if the girl actually wanted to marry Jun Linyuan .

 Just then, footsteps came from outside .

 It was Feng Xun .

 Lady Northern Feng frowned as soon as she spotted her son .

 Forget about Jun Linyuan . Ah Xun here was no less troublesome . He had been ranting about not wanting a sister .

 Lady Northern Feng was trying to figure out a way to get Feng Xun to accept Feng Wu when she noticed the boy Feng Xun dragged in .

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 It was the sixth son of the Mu family .

 “Mu the Sixth, I have a sister now! Behave yourself around her from now on . Got it?”

 Mu the Sixth was speechless .

 What had he done to deserve this?

 He had been walking on the street when Feng Xun spotted him, and that guy wouldn’t shut up about having a sister .

 Who didn’t have a sister nowadays? Mu the Sixth had a dozen of those at home!

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 But Feng Xun was his boss and Mu the Sixth needed to play up to him . He had no choice but to smile obsequiously . “Brother Feng, congratulations . You finally have a sister now . ”

 “You don’t say . I have the prettiest sister in the world!”

 “Do you?” Mu the Sixth thought to himself . He didn’t believe it . If someone could claim that title, he would give it to that little Feng Wu whom he had met the other day .

 “Of course! And she’s the most brilliant girl as well!” Feng Xun said proudly .

 “Really?” Mu the Sixth went on doubting his boss in his head . The most brilliant girl would still be little Feng Wu, who got the highest mark in the written exam . She was also the very first candidate to get full marks!

 “Yes! And my sister can do so much more! Formations, medical skills, you name it! She’s the best in everything!”

 “Is she?” Mu the Sixth’s eyes flickered, as if he was excited to hear it .

 But what he thought was: Brother Feng, you’re so full of shit .

 “Hey, what’s with that look? You don’t believe me?”

 “No, Brother Feng, of course I believe you! I was just thinking… that you’re exaggerating a little . ” He would be convinced if Feng Xun’s new sister was Feng Wu . But how was that possible?


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