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Chapter 721

Even if the emperor was convinced that Mr Zuo had rigged the examination by mishandling the exam paper of one student, Mr Zuo didn’t think that there would be any serious consequences . That was why he had been so bold .

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 However, he had never expected Feng Wu to attack him!

 And it was a killing move!

 She was so fast that no one had been able to react in time .

 Even Emperor Wu jumped a little!

 He shifted his gaze to Feng Wu and the look in his eyes grew colder .


 Mr Zuo fell back and the back of his head hit the ground first . His skull cracked and blood oozed out .

 He was dead before that happened .

 Emperor Wu’s gaze locked on Feng Wu, and he looked very grim!

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 Those piercing eyes!

 They had an authoritative look in them, which was characteristic of someone of his status .

 It was as sharp as a blade that could kill .

 The temperature in the prison plummeted!

 No one dared to make a sound . Even the cunning Master Bai and the chief steward, the latter genuinely worried about Feng Wu, shivered like autumn leaves . Neither said a word .

 Emperor Wu was furious!

 A chilly gust of wind swept out toward Feng Wu!

 Feng Wu was frozen to her bones!

 She could almost hear them crack!

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 She was cold, in pain, and couldn’t breathe!

 Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu dropped to her knees at Emperor Wu’s feet .

 “Feng Wu, how dare you!” Emperor Wu bellowed . “You killed him! Right in front of me!”

 Feng Wu bit her lower lip and used all her strength to fight the cold .

 She couldn’t use her spiritual essence, for the emperor would notice it right away .

 “Answer me!” The chair shattered at Emperor Wu’s smack and he rose to his feet!

 Wrapped in the thick cape, his stawalt body gave off an intimidating energy, demonstrating his boundless power!

 Feng Wu bit her lip . “Your Majesty, you have my utmost respect, but I couldn’t control myself and I had to kill him! He was one of the people I would never forgive!”

 Feng Wu clenched her fists and sounded indignant .

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 Emperor Wu was so infuriated that he laughed . “Why did you kill him?”

 “Because he deserved it!” Feng Wu ground her teeth .

 So, it was personal .

 “I’ll spare your life if you can convince me . Otherwise, you’re going to join Zuo He very soon!”

 Feng Wu’s eyes darted around .

 Emperor Wu smirked . Was she stalling?

 “Your Majesty, may I speak to you in private?” Feng Wu looked at him with her limpid black eyes and suggested in a solemn tone .

 Emperor Wu was rendered speechless!

 The girl acted as if it was some confidential information! Did she have any idea that if she couldn’t explain herself, she would lose her head very soon?

 “Why should I grant you that request?!” Emperor Wu glared at Feng Wu .

 Then, he saw the girl shivering a little .

 Was his voice that frightening? Crossing his hands behind his back, Emperor Wu snorted!

 Feng Wu looked up, darted a pleading look at Emperor Wu, and lowered her head again .

 Emperor Wu was intrigued by Feng Wu’s little affectations . Was she trying to read his mood?

 However, one simply couldn’t stay mad at the girl when she looked so pitiful .

 But Emperor Wu still wouldn’t relax his facial muscles and went on glaring at Feng Wu .

 “Your Majesty…” Still on her knees, Feng Wu inched forward until she was a meter away from Emperor Wu .

 “Your Majesty, watch out!” Master Bai was on guard . He feared that Feng Wu would charge out again and use another dagger on the emperor .

 Emperor Wu gave Master Bai an “are you an idiot?” look . Who did the eunuch think the emperor was? This crippled girl would never be able to touch him .  Use your head, man!

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