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Chapter 720

Emperor Wu remained unperturbed . “Go on . ”

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 “Your Majesty, the only connection between Feng Wu and my family is…” Mr Zuo wanted to mention the crown prince, but the marriage contract between Zuo Qingluan and Jun Linyuan was still uncertain . Mr Zuo didn’t want to offend the emperor, so he changed the subject . “The only connection is that Feng Wu used to have the True Phoenix Blood as Zuo Qingluan does now . ”

Emperor Wu nodded .

 “But then, Feng Wu lost her ability somehow and became crippled, whereas Zuo Qingluan has risen above all her peers . Right now, she’s already a Spiritual Elder!

 “Your Majesty, as a leading figure of the Zuo clan, why would I need to do anything to a crippled girl like Failure Wu? She’s too unimportant for me to handle personally . She’s not worth it . ”

 Mr Zuo darted a contemptuous glance at Feng Wu .

 Back then, Zuo Qingluan had insisted on crippling Feng Wu at the price of exposing herself, and the Zuo clan hadn’t thought much of it, for neither Feng Wu nor the Feng clan was well-connected enough to do anything about it; they had no one to turn to after what happened to Feng Wu .

 Mr Zuo snorted inwardly . The emperor was a pragmatic person, and a crippled girl like Feng Wu wasn’t worth going through any trouble for .

 Feng Wu knew that as well, which was why the truth had remained hidden .

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 She could only keep the humiliation to herself .

 Emperor Wu darted an indifferent glance at Feng Wu .

 “What do you think?”

 He was being very ambiguous .

 And Feng Wu wasn’t happy about his attitude at all .

 The sight of Mr Zuo reminded her of how they had destroyed her . She wouldn’t be holding so many grudges if it wasn’t for her beautiful master, who had fallen into a coma since then because of her .

 Even if her beautiful master had a chance to wake up, who was going to make up for the five years she had lost?

 Feng Wu couldn’t think of anything else . She only knew that she needed her revenge .

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 “Your Majesty —” Feng Wu stepped out and met Emperor Wu’s gaze with her cold eyes . “I have told Grand Secretary Fang about everything that happened back then and I’m not going to argue with Mr Zuo today . ”

 “Is that so?”

 “Your Majesty, I saved Her Majesty the empress dowager . ”

 “Yes, you did . ”

 “I think that’s a favor big enough to trade for Mr Zuo’s life!”

 Feng Wu charged at Mr Zuo like a cannonball before she finished her sentence!

 It was quicker than anyone could react!

 The next thing they knew, Feng Wu had stabbed a dagger into Mr Zuo’s heart!

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 Being able to hold the position of the deputy principal of Imperial College proved how capable Mr Zuo was . He was among the most superior cultivators of the empire!

 But when he was imprisoned, his cultivation ability had been temporarily disabled .

 Because of that, he was completely defenseless when Feng Wu pushed the blade into his chest .

 Mr Zuo stared at Feng Wu in disbelief, his eyes opened so wide that his eyeballs could fall out at any moment .

 He looked at Feng Wu and the dagger in his chest in turn .

 The entire blade was buried in his chest!

 Up to the hilt .

 Coldness spread out from his heart to all four limbs .

 That hurt —

 He was scared —

 And the fear —

 It all happened in the middle of the prison and all the prisoners in the surrounding cells witnessed what Feng Wu did!

 She didn’t even flinch! How resolute! It was astonishing!

 What a girl!

 “You — you —” Mr Zuo shuddered violently .

 He had thought that the emperor was here today to release him .

 After all, he was the head of Imperial College!

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