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Chapter 702

Empress Dugu looked at Lady Northern Feng in disbelief .

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 His Majesty hadn’t even met this girl yet and he knew nothing about her — how could he make her a princess that casually? What on earth did Lady Northern Feng think a princess was?

 However, to Empress Dugu’s frustration —

 Emperor Wu said, “Yaya, it’s so rare that you think so highly of someone . If this girl is good enough to be your goddaughter, of course I’ll grant your wish . I’ll make her a princess however you see fit . ”

 “And could you make her a princess with a title?” Lady Northern Feng pushed her luck .

 The princesses came in three ranks . Daughters of royal princes were of the highest status and were given the title “Heshuo . ”

 Daughters of male cousins of the emperor had the second highest status .

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 After that were daughters of the non-royal families, such as Mu Yaoyao .

 And Lady Northern Feng wanted to make Feng Wu a Heshuo Princess .

 Emperor Wu was very generous with his family . With a wave of his hand, he said, “Of course . She’s going to be my niece; I’ll give her only the best . If she’s really as wonderful as you say, I’ll make her a royal princess!”

 “Brother Emperor Wu, you’re the best!” Lady Northern Feng hardly ever addressed the emperor that way, for she found it rather silly . However, she couldn’t help but clap her hands cheerfully now .

 She seldom offered Emperor Wu excessive praise, and when she did, it was such a pleasant surprise for him . He enjoyed them a lot .

On the other hand, Empress Dugu wouldn’t stop showering Emperor Wu with such expressions over and over again that the emperor had gotten sick of them .

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 While Emperor Wu was secretly mocking Empress Dugu for how cloying she could be, the empress was stewing in her own anger .

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 A princess?! And a princess of the highest status?!

 And potentially a royal princess?! He wouldn’t make that girl a Heshuo Princess, would he?

 Even Jun Wuxia, her own daughter, hadn’t been given the title “Heshuo” yet!

 What on earth was he thinking?!

 Empress Dugu gritted her teeth until they crunched . She then took a deep breath to hide the jealous look on her face and said with a smile, “I’m so curious . What kind of girl is it who can win Lady Northern Feng’s heart?”

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 The empress dowager and Emperor Wu both looked at Lady Northern Feng curiously .

 Lady Northern Feng said, “That girl is brilliant! She’s so good in her studies that I can say that she’s second only to Junjun in this empire!”

 “Really?” Emperor Wu’s face lit up!

 Empress Dugu snorted inwardly . What a braggart . If the girl was that good, how come no one had heard of her before?

 Lady Northern Feng knew nothing of what was going on in Empress Dugu’s head and she went on in a cheerful voice, “Plus, my daughter is an amazing doctor . She’s a miracle worker, if you ask me . There’s no disease she can’t cure, and I think she’s as good as Old Master Ba was back in the day!”

 Empress Dugu couldn’t stand it anymore and feigned an inane smile . “Isn’t she just a young girl? How can she be Old Master Ba’s equal?”

 “I’m gonna tell you what happened,” Lady Northern Feng said proudly . “I got sick a while ago . It didn’t seem that serious, but I was gravely ill . I almost died!”

 “That serious?” The empress dowager was concerned and she took Lady Northern Feng’s hand immediately . “How are you feeling now? Are you alright? Do I need to worry?”

 The empress dowager genuinely cared for Lady Northern Feng, whom she had raised herself .

 “I almost died the night before last . It was all thanks to that kid that I’m still alive . Your Majesty, you could have lost me, if it wasn’t for her . ”

 Empress Dugu interjected in a tone dripping with acid, “The girl couldn’t have planned the whole thing, could she?”

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