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Published at 27th of June 2020 04:30:30 AM
Chapter 701
Chapter 701: A Favor

Empress Dugu just didn’t get it . Every time she was here, she was busy serving the empress dowager tea or giving her a shoulder massage . She worked as hard as a chambermaid, but what did her mother-in-law say? She called her “dumb”!

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On the other hand, all Jun Linyuan and Lady Northern Feng had to do was sit around and the empress dowager was over the moon… Could the old lady be any more biased?

Feeling so aggrieved, Empress Dugu tugged at the emperor’s sleeve and looked at him with teary eyes .

Emperor Wu took the hint right away . He patted his wife on the shoulder . “There, there . You’ll get used to it . ”

Empress Dugu was baffled!

After everything she had been put through, he told her to “get used to it”?! Was that how he comforted people? What was wrong with this family?!

The empress dowager never thought much of Empress Dugu and the old lady completely ignored the empress’s reaction .

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Although, she was happy to see her son, the emperor .

They all sat down and chatted together like they used to before Lady Northern Feng got married .

However, to Empress Dugu’s frustration, she couldn’t contribute to the conversation at all… It excluded her from the family, and soon, she was left out .

“Hahaha —” Emperor Wu laughed heartily when they recalled the old days . “Yaya was so tough back then . She was only a little girl when she punched that assassin in the face . The guy was petrified . This violent girl just came out of nowhere!”

“Hahahaha —” The empress dowager laughed until she was in tears . “You don’t say . Yaya was such an unruly girl that I was so worried . Luckily, she’s much more lady-like now, but it’s Ah Xun’s turn to run around like a wild bear now . ”

Lady Northern Feng chuckled . “He’s hopeless . I took in a goddaughter the other day and he almost ruined it . ”

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“A goddaughter? Yaya, you have a goddaughter now? Who’s the kid?” The empress dowager was surprised .

So was Emperor Wu .

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Lady Northern Feng herself was the empress dowager’s goddaughter, and the old lady treated her like her own .

“I forgot to mention it, didn’t I?” Lady Northern Feng smacked her own forehead . “I’m actually here today to talk about that . ”

Empress Dugu was also taken by surprise .

A goddaughter? Lady Northern Feng was such a proud woman that she bowed to no one but the empress dowager and the emperor . Who could be good enough for her?

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Lady Northern Feng gloated . “It’s not official yet . I can’t do it so casually . She’s going to be my daughter and I’m going to pick an auspicious date, gather all my family and friends, and announce it in front of everyone . ”

That serious?

Emperor Wu and the empress dowager exchanged looks . Yaya meant it!

“Who’s the girl?” The empress dowager and her son looked at Lady Northern Feng curiously .

Instead of answering directly, Lady Northern Feng turned to Emperor Wu . “Your Majesty, may I ask a favor?”


Lady Northern Feng said cheerfully, “If she were my own daughter, she would be a princess, right?”

“Of course,” the empress dowager said matter-of-factly . “Your daughter can’t be anything less . I’ll do you the favor if the emperor won’t . ”

Lady Northern Feng grinned . “Your Majesty, would you make my goddaughter a princess?”

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