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Published at 23rd of June 2020 02:30:05 PM
Chapter 700: 700

People said that old people were like little children, and the empress dowager was exactly that . She let everything show on her face .

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 Lady Northern Feng said, “Her Majesty the empress is your daughter-in-law; she’s just trying to fulfil her duty . ”

 The empress dowager was persuaded .

 She turned to Granny Lan . “If she wants to come in so badly, let her in . ”

 Finally, Empress Dugu was able to enter her mother-in-law’s bedchamber .

 But the empress dowager didn’t even look at her after she walked in . The old lady simply went on chatting with Lady Northern Feng .

 The empress dowager said cheerfully, “Yaya, you know what? Junjun was here…”

 Lady Northern Feng looked at the empress dowager with a gentle smile on her face and listened patiently .

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 What the old lady needed was an audience .

 When the empress dowager finally finished talking about Jun Linyuan, she said aggrievedly, “He’s the only crown prince that has his residence outside the imperial palace!”

Empress Dugu vented her sarcasm inwardly: That he was!

 Lady Northern Feng smiled . “His Royal Highness has been a strong-minded child since he was little . I’m sure he has his own reasons for moving out . Maybe it’s better for his cultivation, or he didn’t want to put too much pressure on his younger siblings . ”

 The empress dowager clapped her hands . “You’re right! He must have moved out to ease the pressure on his younger brothers and sisters . You know how the empire’s kids are . Apart from Junjun, the others are all…”

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 She then looked up and saw Empress Dugu .

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 Empress Dugu thought since she was already here, the old lady would at least show her some respect .

 But she overestimated how willful the old lady could be .

 The empress dowager rolled her eyes at Empress Dugu . “What are you staring at me for? It’s not like your son is any better!”

 Empress Dugu thought she was going to have a stroke!

 She began to doubt her decision to come here . The old lady was obviously having fun criticizing her!

 Empress Dugu nearly stormed off!

 Just then, footsteps came from outside .

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 Lady Northern Feng looked bewildered .

 The empress dowager said grumpily, “It has to be my son . ”

 And she was right . Emperor Wu showed up shortly afterward .

 As a middle-aged man, Emperor Wu was as stalwart as ever . He looked as powerful as he was authoritative .

 However, to the empress dowager, he was nothing but an obedient son .

 “Your Majesty, I’m here to check up on you . ” Emperor Wu came in with a broad smile on his face . He beamed at Empress Dugu when he saw her . “The empress is here as well . That’s very considerate of you . ”

 The empress dowager snorted . She was no fool . That narrow-minded empress would never have stayed if she didn’t know that the emperor were coming .

 “Your Majesty . ”

 Lady Northern Feng greeted Emperor Wu .

 Lady Northern Feng and Emperor Wu grew up together under the empress dowager, and the two of them were closer than blood siblings .

 Emperor Wu was very happy to see Lady Northern Feng .

 “Why, Yaya’s here . I know you’re busy with running the mansion and everything, but you really should come more often . My mother is lonely here and she’ll be happy to see you . ”

 Lady Northern Feng smiled . “Her Majesty the empress is here to keep her company as well . ”

 The empress dowager grunted . “She’s so dumb . I’d be blessed if she doesn’t upset me . Keep me company? No, thanks!”

 Empress Dugu was infuriated!

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