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Chapter 70: Are We Really Going To The Feng Residence?

"He isn't angry!" Feng Xun spoke rapidly. "We've rushed over to this distant place from the imperial capital because of the Immortal Spirit Fruit, but the fruit's juice had been lost now. Unexpectedly, Boss Jun isn't angry. Don't tell me that you don't feel that it's… strange? !"

Xuan Yi tilted his head and thought about it. "Maybe? Maybe? Maybe very strange?"

Feng Xun impatiently searched for a sense of agreement, therefore his pair of clear, pretty big eyes stared unblinkingly at Xuan Yi very earnestly.

However, Xuan Yi shook his head. "Not strange."

"How can it not be strange!" Feng Xun anxiously raised his voice. However, after he gathered his wits, he hurriedly covered his mouth again and lowered his voice. "How can it be not strange? ! It's very strange, alright? Moreover, have you discovered?"


"Boss Jun surprisingly seemed lost in thought! Previously, when I looked carefully at him, his mind surprisingly was also wandering in space! My god——" Feng Xun only felt that this world became mysterious and unbelievable.

Xuan Yi remained dumbfounded. "What's strange about that?"

"It's not strange on someone else, but he is Jun Lin Yuan! Jun- Lin-Yuan! He unexpectedly became absent-minded!"

Xuan Yi still couldn't agree as he shook his head. "I think you've been overly provoked by that Little Fifth, now, you're looking at everything suspiciously."

"Is it truly not strange?" Feng Xun was unwilling to give up.

"Not strange."

"Am I truly overly suspicious?"

"Mm hm."


"Get moving!"


After they'd walked for a short while, Feng Xun fixed his gaze on Xuan Yi. "But I still feel that it's really strange……based on Boss Jun's astuteness and knowledge, it's impossible for him to fail to chase after little Fifth Feng, but yet, on this entire way, we surprisingly haven't found even a trace of a clue? This doesn't make sense."

We're talking about Jun Lin Yuan, the Jun Lin Yuan who could singlehandedly pursue the enemy troop's commander-in-chief when he was seven years old. Could he not find a young girl? Doesn't make sense, truly doesn't make any sense.

Xuan Yi ignored him, walking in large strides.

Feng Xun scratched his head repeatedly, could it be that it's truly just him being overly suspicious? Alas, it's all because of Little Fifth! Thinking of this, Feng Xun's mind once again turned towards Little Fifth. "This bad girl, if I ever see her again, humph humph!"

The chattering Feng Xun was unable to stay idle for a single second as he eagerly ran to Jun Lin Yuan's side, asking lightheartedly. "Boss Jun, Boss Jun, where are we going now?"

Jun Lin Yuan didn't speak at all, instead it was Fairy Mu Yao by his side who spoke loudly. "Didn't we previously agree to visit the Feng residence? You guys already said we're going to see Feng Wu! Young Prince Feng, you haven't forgotten about this matter, right?"

Fairy Mu Yao didn't feel anything for the Immortal Spirit Fruit and also didn't feel threatened by Little Fifth. However, her heart actually had always felt like it'd been secretly stabbed by the memory of what Feng Xun said previously.

He said Feng Wu was beautiful, he said Boss Jun and Feng Wu still hadn't annulled their engagement.

Feng Xun slapped his head once. "Jeez, look at this memory of mine! Boss Jun, then are we really going to the Feng residence?"

Everybody turned to Jun Lin Yuan, waiting for his decision.

To go or not go to the Feng residence, it's useless for anybody else to say it, even if they were to say it a hundred times, the authority to decide rested on Jun Lin Yuan alone.

On the Crown Prince Jun's resolute and daring, cold, strict, iceberg-like face, who's gaze was serene and hidden in deep, unfathomable depths, there seemed to be a brightness within those depths, or maybe it was everybody's misperception.

Jun Lin Yuan didn't express an opinion as he shot a glance at Feng Xun. "It doesn't matter."

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