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Published at 23rd of June 2020 05:00:11 AM
Chapter 699: 699
Chapter 699: My Junjun Is the Best!

β€œBy the way, bring little Ah Xun to me . Junjun won’t accept the guards I sent him; I have to ask Ah Xun what’s going on with my grandson . ”

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Granny Lan chuckled . β€œYour Majesty, the crown prince is so talented, so capable, and so prestigious β€” who would dare bully him? In fact, who would be able to bully him even if they were bold enough?”

β€œThat’s right . My Junjun is the best! There’s never been and there never will be any kid as talented as he is!”

β€œYes, His Royal Highness is awesome . ”

The empress dowager said proudly, β€œAwesome he is . I had his fortune told by that master from Wandering Temple . Junjun was born to rule this continent . He’ll rise higher than anyone can imagine!”

The empress dowager was awesome in her own way . She had been groaning and moaning in bed, complaining about her headache . However, as soon as Jun Linyuan arrived, she was as good as new . She was practically glowing .

However, as soon as Jun Linyuan was gone β€”

β€œGosh, my head hurts —”

Granny Lan was speechless .

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Granny Lan helped the old lady to her bed in a hurry . β€œIt’s chilly out here . Your Majesty should really put on your cape before you get out of bed . ”

Just then, footsteps came from outside .

The empress dowager frowned and said impatiently, β€œIs the empress still here?”

Just then, a crisp, loud voice sounded outside . β€œYour Majesty, why are you sitting here? Her Majesty the empress dowager wouldn’t let you in, is that it?”

After everything she heard the old lady say, Empress Dugu was already frustrated . She almost had a stroke .

β€œLady Northern Feng, nice to see you . ” Empress Dugu feigned a friendly voice . β€œHow very unfortunate for you . ”

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β€œWhy is that?” Lady Northern Feng was in a good mood today and she smiled at Empress Dugu .

The empress smiled a little . β€œHer Majesty the empress dowager isn’t feeling well today and she’s not receiving visitors . I’m afraid Your Ladyship has to leave . ”

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After that, the empress sat back down with an impassive face, as if she hadn’t been sitting there forever .

Just then, the old lady’s voice rang out inside .

The empress dowager asked, β€œIs that Yaya out there?”

Lady Northern Feng, aka Shi Yaran, was the orphan of a great general, and the empress dowager had raised the lady herself . The two of them were very close .

Lady Northern Feng answered loudly, β€œYes, Your Majesty . Your Yaya is here to see you . ”

The empress dowager said, β€œWhat are you doing out there? You’ll catch a cold . Come in . ”

Darting an indifferent look at the empress, Lady Northern Feng gave her a nod, rose to her feet, and walked in unhurriedly .

Empress Dugu was exasperated!

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The emotionless mask she wore seemed to crack .

That damn old hag! What happened to not receiving visitors? She kept letting people in!

It was cold outside and Shi Yaran might catch a cold? She didn’t seem to worry about the empress getting sick!

Empress Dugu was furious!

She couldn’t sit here forever . Empress Dugu rose to her feet .

Seeing this, Granny Lan said loudly, β€œHer Majesty the empress is leaving —”

Empress Dugu almost choked!

Did they want to see her leave that badly?

Empress Dugu felt so indignant that she decided she would stick around!

She turned around and headed for the empress dowager’s chamber .

Granny Lan couldn’t exactly stop Empress Dugu, and could only turn to the empress dowager for help .

The empress dowager was chatting with Lady Northern Feng, and her face darkened when she heard that the empress was still here .

Lady Northern Feng found it most amusing .

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