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Published at 23rd of June 2020 05:00:14 AM
Chapter 698

“Have you not been eating properly? Feng hasn’t been doing his job, nor has Granny Gong . I knew it . Nowhere is as good as here . How about moving —”

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 Jun Linyuan had a hard time keeping a straight face as his grandmother babbled on .

 He took a deep breath to calm himself down .

 However, the old lady wasn’t about to stop talking . She looked Jun Linyuan up and down and the concern in her eyes was genuine . “Poor kid . You’ve reached the age to bed women, and all your negligent father can think of is getting more women into his bedchamber . Has he ever stopped to consider your needs? Don’t worry . I’ve been on the lookout for you, and I’ll send some nice girls to your residence…”

 Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid . “No!”

 He was just another defiant and willful teenager when he was with his grandmother .

 Their interactions were no different from that of any other grandparent and grandchild . If anything, the empress dowager only indulged her grandson more than anyone else .

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 The empress dowager loved her grandson ardently . “But you’re old enough . At your age, your father was…”

 “I said no! No! No! No! You never listen to me!” Jun Linyuan lost his patience .

 Outside, Empress Dugu was delighted to hear this .

 Did Jun Linyuan have any idea who he was talking to? He was yelling at the most respected woman in the empire, someone even His Majesty had to give way to .

 But —

 The empress dowager backed off right away . “Of course . Whatever you say, my dear . That can wait . Actually, I think it’s a little too early, too . It’s all the empress’s fault . She’s been nagging me about finding you a wife and I got carried away . ”

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 The old lady looked at her grandson with pleading eyes .

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 Outside, Empress Dugu was speechless .

 Did the old lady know she was still outside? If so, what she said was deliberate and so frustrating!

 Jun Linyuan darted an annoyed look at his grandmother . “I’ve told you: don’t listen to that woman!”

 “Alright, alright . My Junjun doesn’t like her and I won’t listen to her anymore . You know what? I think I should stop her from coming here,” the empress dowager mumbled to herself .

 Empress Dugu didn’t know what to say . What on earth had she done to deserve this?!

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 Jun Linyuan rose to leave a few moments later .

 Seeing that she couldn’t keep him any longer, the empress dowager called out to her servants . “It’s cold outside . Lamei, bring me that fur cape with golden feathers . It was a tribute from the kingdom of Wu .

 “Qiuxue, fetch me a hand warmer . ”

 “Hanshuang, quickly…

 However, Jun Linyuan was long gone before the empress dowager finished dressing for the cold weather .

 Empress Dugu snickered inwardly .

 That Jun Linyuan was outrageously unscrupulous just because the empress dowager doted on him! He had brushed off all Her Majesty’s kindness! Empress Dugu was sure that the empress dowager would hold a grudge over that .

 After all, the empress dowager was never known for being a loving old lady . She pretty much ignored all her grandchildren apart from Jun Linyuan .

 However, Empress Dugu was disappointed!

 After Jun Linyuan went off without her, the empress dowager turned to Granny Lan . “Junjun has lost weight and he looks unhappy . He must be keeping things from me . Is he being bullied?”

 Empress Dugu wanted to scream .

 Bullied? Jun Linyuan? Everyone would say a silent prayer if that unruly crown prince didn’t bully someone for a day! Him, bullied? The old lady must have lost her mind!

 However, the empress dowager didn’t think that way, and she whined, “Sigh .  He’s always been a considerate boy . He only tells me the good things and hides the bad news, ever since he was little . I’m so worried that he’s doing it again . By the way —”

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