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Chapter 697

Empress Dugu was going to go in when Granny Lan stopped her . “Her Majesty the empress dowager doesn’t feel well and she prefers not to be disturbed . My apologies, Your Majesty . ”

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 “Granny Lan, am I an intruder now?” Empress Dugu was displeased .

 Just then, footsteps came from outside .

 Granny Lan was a little dazed when she saw the teenager . She then forgot about Empress Dugu and hurried off after him . “Your Royal Highness, I didn’t know you were coming! Please come in . Her Majesty isn’t feeling well and she’s resting in bed . ”

 Jun Linyuan had been raised in Cining Palace and Granny Lan used to take care of him when he was little .

 He nodded at Granny Lan, then went straight in .

 Empress Dugu didn’t like what she saw at all!

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 “I thought Her Majesty didn’t want to see anyone . Why can he go in?!” Empress Dugu pointed at Jun Linyuan .

 That defiant son was so unbelievably arrogant!

 She was his stepmother, but he wouldn’t greet her or even so much as glance at her, let alone kneel down to show his respect . To him, she probably didn’t even exist!

 The fact that Jun Linyuan had ignored her completely ruined Empress Dugu’s day .

 She followed Jun Linyuan with her eyes, and hatred was written all over her face .

 Granny Lan smiled . “His Royal Highness is never intruding . I’m sure Your Majesty knows how Her Majesty the empress dowager dotes on the crown prince . ”

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 She was right —

 The empress dowager, who was lying in bed, scrambled to her feet as soon as she was informed of Jun Linyuan’s visit, and rushed out to greet him .

 “Your Majesty, it’s chilly out there . Please take this robe —” Ruixi, the chambermaid, chased after the old lady with a robe .

 The empress dowager, whom even Emperor Wu had to kneel down to greet, ran as fast as she could to welcome Jun Linyuan . Taking his hand, the old lady was elated . “Oh my, my dear boy, there you are! Come, let me look at you . Have you lost weight?”

 Jun Linyuan had an awkward look on his face…

This was why he had chosen to make his residence outside the imperial palace when all his half-brothers hadn’t!

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 This wasn’t the first time Empress Dugu had witnessed such a meeting, but she still got jealous every single time!

 The old lady was the empress dowager and the most influential woman in the empire, but to her, Jun Linyuan, whom she had brought up herself, was the only grandson that was worth doting on!

 Empress Dugu still remembered when Jun Linyuan was still living with the empress dowager; she couldn’t help but bring her own son, the second oldest prince, over, so that the boy could somehow impress the old lady .

 And what did the empress dowager say?

 “What’s he doing here? To keep me company? But I have little Junjun for that . My little Junjun is better than ten of your boy put together . Little Junjun doesn’t like to have him around . Empress, keep a leash on your boy and don’t let him near this palace . Little Junjun is upset . ”

 That old hag!

 That boy was “little Junjun” and her son was “that boy”?

 Jun Linyuan was better than ten of her son put together?

 Her son should be kept out of this palace because “little Junjun” didn’t like it?

 Those words almost gave Empress Dugu a heart attack!

 But what could she do? The empress dowager wasn’t shy about showing her favoritism . The old lady had given Jun Linyuan everything, spoiling the kid . He was practically a fiend!

 Standing outside, Empress Dugu could still hear the conversation inside .

 “Little Junjun, come here to grandma . Oh my, why are you so skinny?”

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