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Chapter 696

Filled with hatred, Lady Wang gritted her teeth so hard that she almost broke them, but that was all that she could do .

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Feng Yanfeng stared at Lady Wang . “What have you been teaching her? It’s all your fault that Feng Liu is like this!”

 Lady Wang stared at Feng Yanfeng in disbelief!

 Damn you, Feng Yanfeng .  What happened to calling her his perfect wife? It was as if Feng Liu was her responsibility alone!

Feng Yanfeng said coldly, “Feng Liu, since you failed the exam, you’re grounded . You’re not going anywhere for the next three months!”

He turned to Lady Wang after yelling at Feng Liu . “You’ve been such a negligent mother! Go back now and reflect on yourself!”

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 Lady Wang was rendered speechless . She wanted to lash out, but had to show enough respect to her husband in front of others . She had no choice but to obey his order .

 “And —” Feng Yanfeng added in an indifferent tone, “Be polite to Xiao Wu from now on . She’s the most respected figure in this clan . ”

 Lady Wang fell silent .

 “You better not let me see you pick on Xiao Wu again . Hmph!” Feng Yanfeng flicked his sleeves in annoyance .

 Lady Wang gritted her teeth .

 Face twisted, she threw Feng Wu a dirty look before storming off .

 After Lady Wang and Feng Liu were gone, Feng Yanfeng said to Feng Wu in an affected, caring voice, “Xiao Wu, don’t hesitate to go to your aunt if you need anything . Come to me if she gives you trouble again . Alright?”

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 Feng Wu found Feng Yanfeng’s sycophantic manner despicable, but she smiled at him nonetheless . “Of course, Uncle . ”

 “Good . Hahaha, good girl . ” Feng Yanfeng left, satisfied with Feng Wu’s response .

 Granny Zhao shut the front gate after all the outsiders were gone .

 “Hahahaha —” Chaoge was the first to burst out laughing . “Xiao Wu, did you see the look on your uncle’s and aunt’s faces? I think their faces turned green! Hahaha —”

 Feng Xiaoqi was equally delighted . “They used to pick on us all the time — now they know what it feels like . My sister is amazing!”

 Feng Wu gave them a wry smile . “But I didn’t do anything . ”

 “You saved Lady Northern Feng, and she’s doing everything for you . ” Chaoge looked at Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu, Lady Northern Feng adores you and she’ll treat you nicely . But that idiot Feng Xun! Hmph! I’m gonna kick his ass if he tries to bully you!”

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 Feng Wu chuckled .

 Her silly brother Feng Xun was actually very easy to please .

 What Feng Wu didn’t know was that Feng Xun was already showing off his new sister to everyone .

 In the imperial palace .

 The lady with the most authority in the palace wasn’t Empress Dugu of Kunning Palace, but the empress dowager of Cining Palace .

 Although the old lady wasn’t in the habit of actually running the palace, she was still well-respected, for His Majesty was a dutiful son .

 “Your Majesty, Her Majesty the empress is here . ”

 At her age, the empress dowager got fatigued easily and had woken up late today .

 Granny Lan, the elderly maid, went up to the empress dowager and passed on the message in a low voice .

 The empress dowager rubbed her forehead, feeling a dull pain in her head . She waved the old maid off . “Send them on their way . I don’t want to see anyone today . ”

 Of course Granny Lan couldn’t be that straightforward with the empress . Instead, she smiled politely at Empress Dugu . “Her Majesty the empress dowager isn’t feeling too well today and prefers to have some time to herself . Your Majesty, ladies, please don’t let me keep you here . ”

 The empress dowager was sick? Empress Dugu was concerned . “Surely I should stay by Her Majesty’s side if she’s not feeling well . Ladies, leave us . ”

 The other imperial concubines had no choice but to obey .

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