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Published at 23rd of June 2020 05:00:18 AM
Chapter 695

“I have a sister now!” Feng Xun repeated .

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 Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes . “I have those, too . ”

 Thanks to his virile father, Jun Linyuan had a lot of sisters .

 “It’s not the same!” Feng Xun said proudly . “My sister’s beautiful! Are your sisters as pretty as mine?”

 The corner of Jun Linyuan’s mouth twitched .

 With Feng Wu as his sister, Feng Xun suddenly felt on top of the world .

 Because, for once, he was better than Jun Linyuan in something! OMG!

 1Feng the Third said proudly, “My sister is really smart! She was first in the written exam! Can your sisters do that?”

 Jun Linyuan was speechless .

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 Putting his hands behind his back, Feng Xun stuck out his chest . “My sister is a great doctor!

 “And she knows formations!


 Once Feng Xun started showing off, he wasn’t going to stop . His grin was so wide that all his white teeth were showing .

 And your sister is an excellent chiropractor, too — thought Jun Linyuan .

 1“Hahahaha —” Feng Xun was still laughing when he rose to his feet and headed out .

 “Where are you going?”

 “I’m going to tell Xuan Yi the good news! Hahahaha! I have a sister now!” Feng Xun walked off after that .

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 Jun Linyuan was speechless .

 He couldn’t for the life of him figure out how could someone who had been so against having a sister embrace the idea so quickly .

 But Feng Xun had always been unpredictable like that, and Jun Linyuan was long used to it .

 The Feng clan .

 After the guests left, Lady Wang’s and Feng Liu’s faces were livid!

 “Feng Wu! What did you do?!” Feng Liu bellowed at Feng Wu as soon as Lady Northern Feng was gone . “The Ning family doesn’t want me now and Lady Northern Feng wants you as her daughter! You must have done something!”

 Feng Wu wanted to roll her eyes at Feng Liu . “My dear sister, didn’t you tell everyone what you did? Do I need to repeat everything?”

 “It’s not that!” Feng Liu was furious . “You must have done something behind my back, or Lady Northern Feng would never like you so much! Tell me! Have you been saying bad things about me behind my back?”

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 Feng Wu snorted . “You’ve done enough bad things yourself . You don’t need my help for that . ”

 1“You —” Feng Liu burst into a fury .

 She had lost everything and Feng Wu had more than she could ever have hoped for . The change in their comparative status was what Feng Liu found the most unacceptable .

 After all, she was used to looking down on Feng Wu in such a condescending manner .

 “Shut up!” Feng Yanfeng glared at Feng Liu .

 “Dad, it’s all Feng Wu’s fault . She’s a bi-”

 However, Feng Yanfeng raised his hand before Feng Liu could finish .


 He slapped Feng Liu, loud and clear .

 “You hit me — how could you hit me? Dad, I’m your daughter, not her!” Feng Liu screamed aggrievedly .

 Feng Wu felt sorry for Feng Liu .

 The poor kid still didn’t understand: to Feng Yanfeng, familial love was pointless . All he cared about was who could be useful for his future career .

 And his kindness was reserved for the useful people only .

 Now that Feng Wu was about to become a member of Northern Feng Mansion, Feng Yanfeng would never let anything happen to her .

 Feng Wu sighed inwardly .

 That godmother was very worthwhile .

 It had only been a couple of months since they got back from Northern Border City . Back then, she had still been too weak to protect her family and Lady Wang had held all the advantages . That woman had looked down upon them .

 However, a couple of months later —

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