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Chapter 685: 685

“Feng Xiaoqi, why aren’t you laughing? Don’t you think it’s really funny?” Chaoge rolled around on a chaise lounge until she almost fell to the ground .

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 However, Feng Xiaoqi looked genuinely worried .

 “Sister —” Feng Xiaoqi went up to Feng Wu, tugged at her sleeve, and called her in a pitiful voice .

 “Yes?” Feng Wu was busy calculating the materials needed for the Immortal Taiyi formation .

 “The Ning family wants to marry you to their son . ”

 “Yes . ”

 “Are you… going to say yes?”

 Feng Wu darted a glance at Feng Xiaoqi . “Are you an idiot?”


 Feng Wu rubbed Feng Xiaoqi’s head . “I don’t even like that Ning Chenxi . Why would I marry him?”

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 “…I see!” Feng Xiaoqi secretly rejoiced .

 Feng Wu went back to her calculations . She had to come up with all the figures and give them to Grand Secretary Fang’s men . She didn’t have the time or energy to do the actual work herself .

 “Sister… so… are you going to marry someone else?” Feng Xiaoqi asked hesitantly, looking uneasy .

 Feng Wu didn’t even look up . “I think so . ”

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 “But it would be many years from now . You’ll probably be a grandpa yourself by then,” Feng Wu said grumpily .

 1“What? Sister, you’re making fun of me!”

 Feng Wu smiled bitterly . She wished she was .

 Back in the main hall .

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 After lashing out at Lady Wang and Feng Liu, Mrs Ning felt a little better .

 “Feng Wu? Your son wants to marry Feng Wu?!” Lady Wang snorted . “Are you blind? She’s useless! She has no cultivation ability . Liu Er is much better!”

 Lady Northern Feng didn’t like the sound of that at all!

 “Feng Liu is much better? Feng Wu is better than a hundred Feng Lius put together!”


 “Did Feng Liu pass the written exam?” Lady Northern Feng got straight to the heart of the matter .

 Lady Wang fell silent .

 “Is Feng Liu prettier than Feng Wu?” Lady Northern Feng gave another blow .

 Lady Wang was silent .

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 “Can your Feng Liu bring a patient back to life?” Lady Northern Feng snorted .

 Lady Wang retorted, “As if Feng Wu can do that!”

 “Why do you think I’m going to ask Xiao Wu to become my goddaughter? Not only did she save Mrs Ning twice, she saved my life just the other day! Of course she can!”

 Lady Wang fell silent .

 Lady Northern Feng sneered at her . “Do you even have a brain or eyes? You’re only humiliating yourself, having me to point it out like this!”

 Lady Wang: !!!

 This was such a mean lady! Lady Wang almost exploded!

 But… but she was Lady Northern Feng!

 Lady Northern Feng enjoyed a superior status among the noble ladies not just because she was the Northern Feng General’s wife, but also because she had been raised by the empress dowager herself . As a result, Lady Northern Feng had always been very special to the old lady .

 Anyone who dared to offend Lady Northern Feng had to have a death wish .

 “Wait!” Lady Wang finally came back to herself . “You said… you’re going to ask Feng Wu to become your goddaughter?”

 They weren’t here for the marriage proposal, but for Feng Wu?

 That was a much more important connection!

 The Ning family wasn’t that closely linked to the court, but it wasn’t the same for Lady Northern Feng . The imperial palace was practically her backyard!

 If Feng Wu became her goddaughter, the former would be… invincible!

 Lady Wang hoped she had heard wrong .

 But Lady Northern Feng only gave her a “you idiot” look .

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