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Published at 16th of June 2020 04:30:08 AM
Chapter 684

What was all this about…

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“Liu Er?” Lady Wang tugged at Feng Liu . “What’s going on?”

 Feng Liu had never been through such a thing and was so flustered that she burst into tears .

 Seeing how bewildered Feng Liu became after a few questions, Mrs Ning frowned and blue veins popped in the corner of her forehead . The girl didn’t know how to do anything but cry!

 And she had almost married such a girl to her son!

 And her family had pulled so many strings to do that!

 It was said that a virtuous wife could preserve a family’s property for three generations .

 The Ning family would be ruined if they had Feng Liu as a wife!

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 Mrs Ning patted her chest, still a little shocked .

 Lady Wang stared at Feng Liu . “What did you do?!”

 Had the Ning family been misled all this time?

 “And how does Feng Wu have anything to do with this?!” Lady Wang narrowed her eyes .

 “Mum, stop asking me questions!” Feng Liu felt so ashamed that she couldn’t stay in the room anymore .

 Both Mrs Ning and Lady Northern Feng were sneering at her .

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 Feng Liu turned to leave, but —

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 “Miss Feng Liu, I think you should straighten things out first . Otherwise, if what happened in Wanping Town got out, your already ruined reputation would get even worse . ” Mrs Ning snickered .

 Feng Liu stopped abruptly, turned around, and glared at Mrs Ning . The look in her eyes reminded one of a young, angry she-wolf!

 Mrs Ning snorted . “After doing such a thing at your age, you don’t have the least intention of repenting . Fine, leave all you want . ”

 But Lady Wang wouldn’t let Feng Liu leave just like that!

 Grabbing Feng Liu, Lady Wang turned to Mrs Ning . “What did you mean?”

 “I think you know what I meant . ” Mrs Ning smirked .

 “You’re saying that…”

 “The girl my son wants to marry is the one who saved me, and that’s Feng Wu . But according to your daughter, Feng Liu was her name!” Mrs Ning felt sick at the idea . “We pulled so many strings and visited your family repeatedly . We were so close to having your daughter!”

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 Everything was clear… so clear… Lady Wang knew everything now .


 It was Feng Wu!

 “Feng Wu is the one your family wants?!” Lady Wang gritted her teeth .

 Feng Liu also gritted her teeth, recalling how she had shown off in front of Feng Wu .

 Was this Feng Wu her own family’s natural enemy? Why was she everywhere?!

 In Fallen Star Yard —

 “Hahahaha —”

 After Feng Liu’s little episode in Fallen Star Yard, Chaoge couldn’t help but follow the girl out . She then heard the conversation in the main hall .

 And of course she was going to share it with Xiao Wu .

 Chaoge promptly went back to Fallen Star Yard and began to laugh before she said a word .

 Feng Xiaoqi rolled his eyes . “Sister Chaoge, are you having a seizure or something?”

 “Hahahaha —” Fighting back her laughter, Chaoge repeated what she had heard just then . “Hahahaha — it’s so funny! That Feng Liu was showing off outside this yard only just then, hahahaha . She’s unbelievable, hahahaha —”

 Feng Xiaoqi’s mouth fell open!

 “The Ning family wants my sister as their daughter-in-law?” Feng Xiaoqi’s eyes widened .

 “Yup . ” Chaoge wiped away her tears . “And Feng Liu had been thinking that she was the one all along . That was why she had been assuming airs and wouldn’t say yes . But it’s all cleared up now . They got the name wrong . That look on Feng Liu’s face, hahaha —”

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