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Chapter 683: 683

By the Lady Northern Feng finally finished her narration, Mrs Ning’s mouth had fallen open .

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 “So, after what happened, Feng Liu’s and Yan Yan’s reputations are kind of ruined . Well, they’re still young and don’t know right from wrong . I guess what they did could be excused, despite how evil they were?”

 Lady Wang almost passed out —

 What was going on here?

 What was this woman doing?

 Were they here to propose a marriage or to break off an engagement?

 How could she say such things about Feng Liu in front of her own mother? That was so insulting!

 Face grim, Lady Wang glared at Lady Northern Feng . “Your Ladyship seems to be very displeased with my Liu Er . ”

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 Thinking that Ning Chenxi was in love with Feng Liu, Lady Wang was emboldened .

 “You’re absolutely right . ” Lady Northern Feng nodded without hesitation .

 Lady Wang almost choked . She then smirked . “If you really find my Liu Er that abominable, why are you here to propose a marriage?!”

 I don’t care how much your son likes my daughter . She’s not marrying him! Lady Wang raised her chin .

 “Propose a marriage?” Lady Northern Feng found Lady Wang preposterous . “Who told you we’re here for that?”

 Lady Wang frowned .

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 They weren’t? The Ning family had made the request several times through different matchmakers . And what about all the gifts they had sent? What else could they want if not a marriage?

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 Lady Wang smirked . “What are you doing here, then?”

 “Heh . ” Lady Northern Feng scoffed at her .

 “Mrs Ning, won’t you say something?” Seeing that the conversation with Lady Northern Feng wasn’t going anywhere, Lady Wang turned to Mrs Ning instead .

 “Say what?” Mrs Ning looked confused .

 Hearing Mrs Ning’s indifferent tone, Lady Wang flared up .

 She glared at Mrs Ning . “Mrs Ning, what’s with that attitude? Does your family want my Feng Liu as a daughter-in-law or not?”

 Lady Wang was so angry that she stopped beating around the bush .

 She didn’t regret it either, for she thought she had seen through to the truth .

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 Mrs Ning frowned . “Have Feng Liu as my daughter-in-law? My dear lady, where did you get that idea from?”


 Lady Wang almost had a stroke!

 Where did she get that idea from?!

 “Are you going to deny that your family sent all those matchmakers to deliver your marriage proposal? Are you suggesting that I’m making it up?!” Lady Wang thought she was going to explode as she glared at Mrs Ning .

 Mrs Ning chuckled . “Well, we did do all those things . However —”

 She turned her cold gaze on Feng Liu . “Need I say more?”

 Frightened by Mrs Ning’s gaze, Feng Liu stumbled back .

 Lady Wang frowned .

 Had what happened to Liu Er gotten out?!

 Lady Wang blanched and almost fainted .

 Mrs Ning snorted . “It was Feng Wu who saved me twice in Wanping Town, but you took all the credit! You told us that the girl’s name was Feng Liu!”

 Recalling how long she had been fooled for, Mrs Ning was furious . She pointed at Feng Liu with a finger . “I’m so shocked! How could you bring yourself to do such a thing?! You’re unbelievably shameless for a girl of your age!”

 Feng Liu kept stumbling back as Mrs Ning scolded her .

 Lady Wang finally came back to herself . So, it wasn’t about the pregnancy . But —

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