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Chapter 675

“W- What?! S- She’s Feng Wu?! Not Feng Liu?!”

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 Mrs Ning nodded .

 “How is that possible? How?” The news was such a hard blow that Ning Chenxi was stupefied . “I asked her sister and that girl told me that her sister’s name was Feng Liu . ”

 “Which one is the girl you like, then? Feng Liu or Feng Wu?” Mrs Ning asked in resignation .

 “I want to marry the girl in that room right now! Whatever her name is, I’m in love with her and her alone!” Ning Chenxi was almost in tears .

 “But we’ve been trying to set up an engagement with Miss Feng Liu all this time . ”

 “Who’s Feng Liu?”

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 “The girl you asked for her sister’s name . ”

 “Pfft —”

 Ning Chenxi spat out a mouthful of blood!

 It turned out that he had been courting that girl without knowing it!

 “That’s why everybody’s been telling us that Feng Liu is this arrogant, willful, and vicious girl that won’t make a good wife . They all tried to talk me out of it, and this is why… I’ve been courting the wrong girl all along! Gosh!” Ning Chenxi felt like fainting .

 Mrs Ning steadied him . “Don’t be upset . Everything’s going to be alright . Luckily, the Feng clan didn’t say yes . We can just forget the whole thing . ”

 With much difficulty, Ning Chenxi nodded at his mother, then glanced back at the room .

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 “Forget it!” Mrs Ning snapped . “Your aunt wanted her as a daughter-in-law as well, but even Ah Xun isn’t her match! She’ll never say yes to you!”

 Ning Chenxi was speechless .

 Back inside .

 Feng Wu checked Lady Northern Feng’s pulse, then ran a thorough examination on the lady .

 She almost lost her temper at what she found and her face darkened .

 Feng Xun had been tentatively watching Feng Wu, and his stomach lurched when he saw the look on her face . He asked gingerly, “…Xiao Wu, how serious is it?”

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 “The two medicines are working against each other and they’ve gathered in her spleen and stomach . ” Feng Wu took a deep breath to fight back her urge to smack Feng Xun . “Your mother’s ailment started from her spleen and stomach, and they’re her weakest spots . To make matters worse, the two medicines are incompatible . It’s like they’re waging war and your mother’s weak spleen and stomach are the battlefield . Both medicines want to defeat each other . Does that sound serious enough for you?”

 Feng Xun was almost in tears . “…I… I…”

 Young Lord Feng, the famous unruly youth of the imperial capital, who always had his sycophantic buddies around him, almost cried with shame because of what Feng Wu said .

 “Stop it already . Do young lords like you cry this easily?” Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him .

 Reassured by Feng Wu’s teasing tone, Feng Wu tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve . “You can save my mother, right? Right?!”

 Feng Wu snorted . “No one will be able to save her if this happens again . ”

 After that, she took out a pack of silver needles from her sleeve .

 She then stuck the needles in Lady Northern Feng’s acupoints .

 Before long, wisps of smoke began to rise out of Lady Northern Feng’s body .

 “Are you… trying to vaporize the medicine?” Feng Xun asked .

 Feng Wu darted a look at him .

 “I thought you were going to make mum vomit, but your skills are much more advanced . I didn’t know that was possible, directly vaporizing the medicine . ”

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