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Published at 11th of June 2020 03:00:20 PM
Chapter 674

“Is Lady Northern Feng alright?” Feng Wu frowned .

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 Feng Xun grimaced . “Her headache was so bad last night that I thought we were going to lose her . Granny Tao went out to fetch you, so I went to Master Bai, who used to treat my mum . ”

 He added, “Master Bai is an imperial physician and his skills are second only to Master Chu . He prescribed some medicine to treat my mum for her vertigo . ”

 Feng Wu glared at him . “He didn’t! Lady Northern Feng’s symptoms are caused by problems with her spleen and stomach . Treating it as vertigo will only give her temporary relief and will aggravate her symptoms later! That’s ridiculous!”

 The girl was very intimidating when she was all serious .

 Feng Xun cringed at Feng Wu’s harsh tone and he pursed his lips . “…Yes . ”

 Without hesitation, Feng Wu checked Lady Northern Feng’s pulse .

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 She frowned right away . “You still fed her the vertigo medicine!”

 Feng Xun kept his silence .

 “Speak!” Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun .

 Feng Xun bit his lip . “Her condition was so serious and Master Bai said that your medicine smelled wrong . He said that it would kill my mum, so…”

 Feng Wu frowned as she looked at Lady Northern Feng, who lay still in bed .

 “So, you fed Master Bai’s medicine to your mother and she’s been lying still like this ever since?” Feng Wu smirked .

 Feng Xun said hesitantly, “…My mum felt better for about an hour after she took the medicine, then she started to vomit blood! We were so worried that we fed your medicine to her —”

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 Feng Xun’s eyes lit up . “It was like a miracle! Mum stopped vomiting blood after that and she’s been sleeping peacefully since then . ”

 Feng Wu rolled her eyes at Feng Xun . “What are you so cheerful about?”

 “Huh? Hasn’t my mum been cured by your medicine?”

 “Cured?” Feng Wu felt like slapping Feng Xun . “You fed her my medicine without getting the vertigo medicine out of her system first! Do you know that different medicines can react with each other? If I had added one more portion of Divine Wood Shell in my medicine, your mum would be lying in a coffin now!”

 “What?!” Feng Xun blanched . “That serious?”

 “That serious!” Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun .

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Feng Xun drained of all color and was scared out of his wits .

 Meanwhile, the others in the room all looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

 Mrs Ning had never expected Feng Wu to tell Feng Xun off without hesitation . What was more, Feng Xun didn’t even dare talk back…

Mrs Ning recalled what Lady Northern Feng had told her the day before .

 “Chenxi stands no chance . Xiao Wu doesn’t even want my Ah Xun…”

 Mrs Ning hadn’t been convinced at first, but her heart sank after she saw the interaction between Feng Wu and Feng Xun .

 “M- Miss Feng Liu…” Ning Chenxi was infatuated when he finally saw Feng Wu again after several months .

 Feng Xun threw a dirty look at his cousin . “What Feng Liu? She’s Feng Wu! As in ‘the phoenix soars above the land’!”

 Ning Chenxi was completely at a loss .

 Mrs Ning hadn’t had the chance to tell Ning Chenxi the truth after she got back last night . Then Lady Northern Feng fell ill, and Mrs Ning was too preoccupied to give her son an explanation . As a result, Ning Chenxi still thought Feng Wu was Feng Liu .

 “Come here . ” Mrs Ning dragged Ning Chenxi out of the room, then found a quiet corner and told him everything .

 Ning Chenxi was shocked!

 He was dazed on the spot, as if he had been struck by lightning!

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